Indoctrination in Your State & District


Lower Merion School District

School district pronoun day

"I am extremely disturbed by our school district dedicating the whole day, financial, emotional, organizational resources to celebrate a Pronoun Day which was commemorated today, November 15, 2022. It is terribly mind-boggling and down right divisive and borderline child abusive to allocate a whole day to such an issue which should not even be an issue. Why"


Clark County School District


"The district will soon begin surveying K-12 students, using the Panorama SEL platform. While the program has already been approved and funded, the district is looking for volunteers to review the supporting materials. The second to last question of the volunteer application is: "Have you done any work in the area of social justice, equity or diversity, or so"


West Chester Area School District

Gender Training For Elementary Teachers

"Results of a Right to Know Request revealed that in August 2022, teachers at Fern Hill Elementary School received training on incorporating gender education in K-5 classrooms. The training was conducted by Aneesah Smith, a self described social justice activist and LGBTQ activist. The RTK was filed is response to Fern Hill Principal Dr. Jenny Southmayd's T"


Laramie County School District 1

Open meetings law

"Our school district is not following the open meetings law in Wyoming. during the pandemic when parents finally had enough with masks they started showing up in droves to the meetings, so they changed the rules. They made speakers sign up the week before, and they limited the number of speakers to 15. I pressed the issue, and when they did not want to lis"


Third Gender Indentifier on 2022 WY Student Survey

"The Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) survey is administered every two years to every WY student in the 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. The 2022 PNA will be the eleventh time the survey has been conducted, and the first time the demographic component for gender has changed from "Male" or "Female" to: "Boy or Man", "Girl or Woman", or "Some Other Wa"


Lower Merion School District

Bathroom incident

"Hello! I felt compelled to share this story with all of you as I strongly feel that it reflects our schools diminishing values and sense of decency.
My son who attends 8th grade in a middle school, went to use the bathroom during school hours. While he was on his way to wash his hands, a girl comes in. My son politely told her that "girls bathroom is that "


Ankeny Community School District

Mom Ambushes School Board by Wearing Drag Queen Costume to Give Them a ‘Taste of Their Own Medicine’

"Unauthorized drag queen show sponsored by GSA"


Springfield School District 186

Parents’ rights group alarmed school librarian promoted book containing sexually graphic content

"A parents’ rights group is raising the alarm after a Springfield school librarian’s promotion of a controversial book was highlighted by a Twitter feed with 1.4 million followers."


San Francisco Unified School District

San Francisco high school plummets in national ranking after eliminating merit-based admissions

"Regrets over eliminating meritocracy."


South Side Area School District

Pennsylvania biology teacher suspended for refusing to follow pronoun policy, reinstated after backlash

"South Side is not on your side. 1st Amendment does not exist there!"


Dearborn City School District

Dearborn, Michigan, school board meeting on books ends after parents told not to boo, clap only

"School board meeting in Dearborn, Michigan shuts down after parents boo a board member"


McFarland School District

Wisconsin high school's 'equity coordinator' resigns over use of racial slur

"The former equity coordinator said she had not previously used the slur during her 33 year career. Really?!?"


Huntsville City School District

Drag Queen infests an Alabama Middle School

"Alabama middle school teacher doubles as drag queen in free time, tells children 'Everybody loves a big bone'"


West Chester Area School District

Teaching Transgenderism in Elementary School

"Pennsylvania Elementary School Training Introduces 5-Year-Olds To Transgenderism. See article from Daily Wire."


Lower Merion School District

School Board canceled Halloween parades because of inclusivity concerns!

"A Pennsylvania mom is slamming her local school district for canceling its annual Halloween parades over safety and inclusivity concerns.

Administrators in the Lower Merion School District, located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, sent emails to families at all six of its elementary schools last week saying the parades, which date back over 50 years, w"


Fulton County School District

Race-based tutoring program under American Rescue Plan funding

"In reviewing a purchasing report to be approved at the Sept 2022 school board meeting for Fulton County schools, I came across an RFP for tutoring services that caught my interest. I found the RFP and was shocked to see the Scope of Work explicitly stated that a 14-week 9th grade Alg 1 tutoring program was to be started (1st year $335K, with four 1-year opt"


West Chester Area School District

Equity Director's E-Mail to Staff Connects Rittenhouse Verdict to Racism

"In the wake of the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict (November, 2021), Ms. Dawn Mader, the Director of Equity and Assessment (DEA) for the WCASD, sent an email to all staff that contained biased commentary and suggestions for discussing the Rittenhouse verdict in teachers’ classrooms. This partisan and politically-motivated Rittenhouse email to staff exposed an"


West Chester Area School District

Who's intolerant? It was some of the LGBTQ students and their supporters who demonstrated INtolerance at the March and April WCASD school board meetings!

"The email posted in the Supporting Documents was sent to School Board Directors and Superintendent Sokolowski on May 24, 2022. It expresses the concerns of a WCASD Taxpayer regarding the intolerant behaviors and speeches of many LGBTQ individuals and their supporters (both students and community members) at the March and April of 2022 board meetings. These"


Northern Cambria School District

Superintendent: Shutup or I'll call the police

"Norther Cambria Elementary has added the Second Step program for K-6 grades. I was given 5 min to state my problems with Second Step and the Committee for Children organization. Hardly anyone from the board was paying attention. After this, no one from the public was allowed to talk. The guidance counselor and superintendent gave a positive rating to the"


Penn-Delco School District

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) sexualizing children in I-3

"A Delaware County School District contains Jacob’s New Dress, a story about a boy who wants to wear a dress to school, in its K-3 curriculum. The text was included as part of the district’s Social Emotional Learning curriculum, which teaches progressive social ideology on race and gender to K-3 students.

Multiple district parents told National File that t"


North Penn School District

Students in Kulp elementary school were forced to participate in 'privilege walk'

"Elementary school students in the North Penn School District were forced to partake in an exercise, commonly referred to as a “privilege walk,” where students deemed “privileged” were forced to step forward and later apologize to their supposedly less fortunate classmates. A teacher rubric for the exercise included links to work from a number of far left, “a"


Rose Tree Media School District

Samuel Evans, Assistant Principal at Penncrest HS - Vile racist who shouldn't be permitted to be near kids!

"Samuel Evans — an assistant principal at Penncrest High School in Delaware County, Pennsylvania — tweeted that he would “pull up” on any white person who denies that they are inherently racist. In another tweet, the assistant principal claimed that Trump voters are “complicit” in upholding “white supremacy.” The Rose Tree Media School District — where Evans "


Muscogee County School District

Drag Queen Story Hour - Columbus, GA

"Colgay Pride is presenting Drag Queen Story Time October 1st at 6 pm in Columbus GA. See flyer attached."


Haverford Township School District

Investigating Haverford, PA schools district, where they fully support radical gender ideology

"This is a long video (almost 3 hours) that focuses on the Haverford School District in Delaware County, PA.

The Libertarian moderator (Karlyn Borysenko) obviously isn't from the district since she mispronounces its name, but the video is well-worth watching nonetheless since it is a valuable resource that con"


West Chester Area School District

WCASD School Board unanimously approves The Poet X (which contains numerous anti-Christian statements)

"In spite of the many legitimate concerns expressed at the August school board meeting by parents and taxpayers, the WCASD school board voted unanimously to approve The Poet X for use as core instructional material for their 9th grade ELA curriculum.

The following previous NLTE posts enumerate the objections to this book with numerous anti-Christian refe"


Free Gender-Affirming Supplies

"These posters are being posted in Vermont schools. I have seen it in a middle school. Outright Vermont is giving away free gender-affirming supplies. There is an option on the form for having the supplies sent to a friend's house. This is the form:"


West Chester Area School District

Part 2 of 2 parts: WCASD residents express major concerns about possible approval of the controversial anti-Christian book The Poet X for use in the 9th grade core curriculum.

"Note: Part 1 should be read before Part 2 in order to thoroughly understand the background of this post.

The Poet X, by Elizabeth Acevedo, was recommended by a committee selection process for use as core instructional material for WCASD 9th graders. Final approval requires a vote of the School Board which is expected to take place at the September 27, 20"


West Chester Area School District

Part 1 of 2 parts: Why is the WCASD recommending The Poet X, a controversial book with numerous anti-Christian/Catholic messages for their ninth grade core curriculum ELA classes?

"The West Chester Area School District, whose school board voted 8-1 to retain the pornographic book Gender Queer in their high school libraries, now wants that board to approve the novel The Poet X, an indisputably anti-Christian (specifically anti-Catholic) book, not just for their school libraries, but to be used in their 9th grade core curriculum!



Great Valley School District

Minority rules in GVSD! Transgenders are allowed to use the bathroom of their chosen identities. Forget the privacy rights of the majority!

"A September 12, article in the Delaware Valley Journal described the outrage expressed by parents at the GVSD’s transgender bathroom policy. The article can be read in its entirety from the link in the Supporting Documents. Pertinent detailed quotes from that article are provided below:
 “Should girls who attend the Great Valley School District (GVSD) be"


Malden School District

Reading material

"This is what they are teaching in Malden MA school district.
The company ckla amplify is claiming they are “ Diverse”
And this is appropriate for 3rd graders . This is very sexually in content and should not be curriculum for any young child ."