Indoctrination in Your State & District


West Chester Area School District

The West Chester Area School District has gone off the deep end with regard to gender ideology indoctrinations!

"Instances of Gender Ideology Indoctrinations in the WCASD

Most viewing information on this NLTE web site are aware of the escalating and detrimental gender ideology indoctrinations that are being imposed on schoolchildren throughout the country. Unfortunately, the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) seems to be marching in lockstep with those educr"

New York

Hornell City School District

CNN news being forced on students

"I found out my kids are being made to watch CNN in school I brought this up to the principal and said it's fake news and was told I basically have no say when they're clearly pushing a political agenda I believe they're using CRT as well my school won't allow me access to school curriculum records ECT been trying for years to see what is being taught as my k"


Charles County Public Schools

girl sexually assaulted multiple times at school

"Fourth Degree Sex Offense: On March 3, a 12-year-old student at Piccowaxen Middle School entered a classroom that he did not belong in, sat next to another student and tried to grab her hand, which she did not allow. When the teacher dismissed the class, the male inappropriately touched the victim, and then followed her towards her locker. While walking behi"


Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Gender Identity Videos in 6th and 7th grades

"Gender identity is the new state enforced religion, taught to kids in public school

These videos are part of the 6th & 7th grade curriculum. Note how the characters get more popular on social media once they dress as the opposite sex"


Howard County Public Schools

Drag Pedagogy for Educators

"Howard County Public School System has an official, school funded organization called HCPSS Pride. As part of their Rainbow Conference for 2023 they are advertising a session on Drag Pedagogy in Education and recommending it for educators

"This is a session you won’t want to miss! DRAG PEDAGOGY IN EDUCATION
Drawing from existing research and personal in"


LBGTQ Assignment

"Kids were taught a lesson in 8th grade social studies about LBGTQ and put experiences and examples in categories such as Activism, Examples of progressive, positive change, etc. They also have large statements of DEI on their website and have a couple of trans teachers in the school."


North Penn School District

Holding the door open for the Devil to waltz in.

"I live in the North Penn School District in Montgomery County, PA. I started attending the school board meetings in December 2022, at the invitation of a parent whose children go to NP schools.
This year, 2022, the district hired a drag queen for the IT Dept. He does not dress in drag to work, however, the students know him as Annie Christ, the drag queen f"


Gwinnett County School District

Reverse Racism


This was sent out on link about 21 day racial equity challenge and scroll down"


West Chester Area School District

Read the chronology of how the ultra-woke WCASD school board shamefully voted 8-1 to keep the indisputably pornographic book Gender Queer in their high school libraries.

"GENDER QUEER SYNOPSIS: Gender Queer is “a graphic biography of a young female who wants to be male, but has to figure out how to incorporate her female body into that fantasy. It has depictions of her masturbating while pretending to be male and imagining she has a penis that's receiving oral sex. It includes images of male homosexual behavior, which this yo"


Blount County School District

Inappropriate books in our public school libraries

"Blount co. schools in Tennessee have a website with a search engine to see what books are in the school libraries. We discovered 91 titles dealing with homosexuals, lesbians , bisexuality, and transgenders . From elementary all the way to high school . On 02/02/23 we are confronting our school board about these titles and demanding that they be removed ."


Coatesville Area School District

SEL Curriculum

"Superintendent recently emailed parents about the new SEL program that started at the beginning of the school year for grades K-7, and will soon be a part of the standard curriculum district wide, in grades K-12."


Newtown School District

CRT Lessons

"Newtown principle trained her staff with these CRT lessons. Teachers went on to do the lessons with students."


Livingston Elementary School District

Librarian at Eastside Elementary presented Pride to 3rd graders without parents consent

"Attached are the articles from our paper. The initial article is about the talk that included an interview with Jojo Siwa about coming out and a Ted Talk (URL attached.) Also, there was a story on the Pride flag where it mentioned the pink stands for sex. We had a contentious Board meeting about firing the librarian. It became a "Gay is okay" meeting wi"


Newtown School District

Pronoun Name Tag

"High schoolers made and decorated a pronoun name tag. Sample attached (name is not related to any student, just a sample)."


Newtown School District

CRT Statement

"Newtown High’s CRT Statement"


Newtown School District

CRT- White Fragility Book

"Pages from the book White Fragility read and discussed in a class at Newtown High. Attached are the teacher’s markings on the pages presented."


Newtown School District

CRT in Newtown High

"CRT slide show presented and discussed in Newtown High Advisory class."


Cherokee Christian School-Survey-"Roll of Thunder,Hear my Cry"

"7th grader had to fill out a (anticipation guide) survey before reading "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry".
Critical Race Theory!"


Oceanside Unified School District

Woke Superintendent Vitale Grooms K-11 Students

"At the January 17, 2023 Board meeting the parents and community expose the School Board and leadership of grooming students with sexually explicit (homosexual and lesbian sex, incest, sex toys, sex positions, promote pornography, graphic photos, drawings and comic strips, and more). Start watching Board Meeting video at the 1:27 time frame."


Cobb County School District

Project Veritas Discovers hidden curriculumridled with CRT

"A picture is worth a thousand words please watch the the video below. Talk about straight from the horses mouth the author and salesman of the curriculum admit how he hides CRT disguised as DEI!"


Fulton County School District

Project Veritas shows CRT hidden in curriculum disguised as DEI

"A picture is worth a thousand words...Watch the video below! It will show you a teacher with a PHD mock parents, administrators and officials about how stupid they are for paying for curriculum that hides CRT as DEI. Finally a smoking gun that admits DEI is another form of racist indoctrination!"


Cedarwood Waldorf School => Cedarwood Wokedorf School

"Detailed review can be found on

* * *

Our family dedicated 7 years of time, efforts and money to CWS and its community. We decided to remove our 3 children from the school after the 2021-2022 school year.

In October 2021 we accidentally found out that the CWS changed its direction from traditional Waldorf to the "

New Jersey

Roxbury Township School District

Pervasively Vulgar books in school

"Our Roxbury Township High School Librarian has selected almost every book being challenged for inappropriate, graphic sexual depictions of sex, including “Let’s Talk About It”, “Gender Queer”, “This Book is Gay”, “Flamer”, “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”. The librarian has admitted in writing to reading the books before selecting them and defends them. The"

North Carolina

Wake County Schools

Addictive product drug assignment

"7th grade health teacher at Envision Science Academy assigned an assignment to her students asking them to create an addictive product and market it. She has been contacted but claims it meets state standards. How is this not encouraging kids to do drugs? Who should be contacted?"


Pittsburgh School District

PSD wants to be able to teach the racially divisive Critical Race Theory!

"Pittsburgh School District unanimously voted to DEFY a bill (HB1532) which was formulated by the PA State Legislature to stop the racial divisiveness created by the tenets of Critical Race Theory that are being taught in some schools today.


1. "HB 1532, would prohibit teaching 'racist and sexist concepts' in scho"


West Chester Area School District

Superintendent Admits to Hiding Gender Transition from Parents

"Through a Right to Know request, a parent uncovered a form called the "Gender Support Plan" that West Chester Area School District staff complete once a student expresses a desire to change their gender. On the form are several questions pertaining to how communication with parents will be handled when they don't support their child's gender transition. Th"


Lower Merion School District

School district pronoun day

"I am extremely disturbed by our school district dedicating the whole day, financial, emotional, organizational resources to celebrate a Pronoun Day which was commemorated today, November 15, 2022. It is terribly mind-boggling and down right divisive and borderline child abusive to allocate a whole day to such an issue which should not even be an issue. Why"


Clark County School District


"The district will soon begin surveying K-12 students, using the Panorama SEL platform. While the program has already been approved and funded, the district is looking for volunteers to review the supporting materials. The second to last question of the volunteer application is: "Have you done any work in the area of social justice, equity or diversity, or so"


West Chester Area School District

Gender Training For Elementary Teachers

"Results of a Right to Know Request revealed that in August 2022, teachers at Fern Hill Elementary School received training on incorporating gender education in K-5 classrooms. The training was conducted by Aneesah Smith, a self described social justice activist and LGBTQ activist. The RTK was filed is response to Fern Hill Principal Dr. Jenny Southmayd's T"


Laramie County School District 1

Open meetings law

"Our school district is not following the open meetings law in Wyoming. during the pandemic when parents finally had enough with masks they started showing up in droves to the meetings, so they changed the rules. They made speakers sign up the week before, and they limited the number of speakers to 15. I pressed the issue, and when they did not want to lis"