Indoctrination in Your State & District


Philadelphia City School District

Ishmael Jimenez

"See the attached picture that I put below. This teacher Ishmael Jimenez is the Director of the social studies curriculum at Philadelphia public school system. He is also an active member in if you follow the Twitter post for abolition you’ll see a plethora of anti-Semitic sentiment, spewed and shared. He is also involved in edu"


Hanover Area School District

Student Pronoun Changes

"Students may file paperwork for new pronouns to be used in school."


Hanover Area School District

Diversity Flags Displayed in School

"The diversity was displayed in the High School Principal's Office on a bulletin board and on a public candy dish."

New Jersey

Kingsway Regional School District

Betrayed Trust: Kingsway Schools Conceal Students' Gender Transitions from Parents!

"Please watch this disturbing video which describes how gender transitions are treated in the Kingsway Regional School District. It is eye-opening. This New Jersey district has been socially transitioning students behind parent's backs, according to email and video obtained exclusively by OMG (O'Keefe Media Group)."


Great Valley School District

Sad Facts about the harmful policies of the Great Valley School District (GVSD)

"Please read the following compilation of harmful policies of the GVSD (in the supporting documents) that must be addressed and changed to bring a sense of normalcy to this school district."


Howard County Public Schools

Ungrammatical declaration of LGBTQ+ History Month

"The Board of Education of Howard County adopted a proclamation designating October 2023 "LGBTQ+ History Month"
Not only is the School Board trying to push a specific agenda on students, the proclamation itself is reflective of the sad state of academics as far as school board priorities are concerned. The proclamation contains the ungrammatical sentence bel"


Upper Merion Area School District

9th Graders Instructed Not to Tell Parents re Critical/Gender Theory Teachings

"Upper Merion has replaced 9th grade Social Studies with a smattering of critical theory, gender theory and SEL. This started in 2020 with a remote-learning based curriculum where the township was unwilling to share a syllabus with parents.

As of 2023, the district is more open about the curriculum. It focuses on identity, cultures, transitions and revolut"


Howard County Public Schools

Students Required to Support Gender Identity

"Student Code of Conduct, which some students are required to sign states that students will demonstrate acceptance of gender identity

"Students Will: Build positive and supportive relationships with students and staff, demonstrating the acceptance of differences, with regards to, but not limited to, race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic s"


Great Valley School District

A Little To Late

"My daughter started school in 2001 “No Child Left Behind Era” What does that mean? So I was a very engaged parent. It was me and my husband plan to send our children to a Christian school, but couldn’t afford. We knew we could keep Christ the center of our universe, so we sent them to public school. BIG mistake. Me and my children experienced the demise of C"


Xavier College Prep Catholic School in Palm Desert

"The mission of Xavier College Preparatory High School in Palm Desert states: “All programming is founded on the
tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, modeled on the life of Jesus Christ, and centered in the rich heritage of the Roman
Catholic Church.”

By the two male educators insisting, ignoring her pleas, and persevering - we feel strongly that they ar"


North Kansas City 74 School District

Porn and education do not mix

"I'm not good with words so I'll just say it. I caught my child watching porn on their phone yeah real scarey right it gets worse. It was one of my kids TEACHERS. I would go to the school but apparently they don't care if they hire porn stars for their students to be perverts to... I'm sorry for my language but what the hell. What folks do in there bedroom I "


West Chester Area School District

Shocking Violence Ignored at Fugett Middle School

"Attached is a PDF of a June 7th Epoch Times article. The story recounts how nine parents spoke out at the May 24 West Chester Area School District board meeting about shocking, prolonged violence taking place at Fugett Middle School. Principal Dionne Fears has ignored repeated pleas from parents to take action, going so far as to tell one parent, "this is "


It's Perfectly Normal

"This book would be fine in adult section..child could check it out only with one parent approval would be my suggestion. This Carpenter librarian started the DQSH...thinks it is great. We talked briefly and civily. I am doing nothing more without others who believe as I do...sexualizing children is what is going on."


It's Perfectly Normal

"Re: DQSH and It's Perfectly Normal in juvenile section. I want to work not alone but with others re these two issues in Carpenter Library on So. Grand Ave. I spoke with one librarian....well she served all clients...she started DQSH...does not work with parents.....parents apparently are happy."


Lake Washington School District

Gender ideology as part of Health Education

"As part of the 4th grade health education, the first lessons in the unit had to do with sex vs. gender identity, teaching that a gender is a continuum, that sex is something being assigned at birth and a a gender is how the person perceives himself. Also introducing the terms "trans" "non-binary" and pronouns to the students. I am a paraprofessional at the "


Montgomery County Public Schools

Elementary School Plans to read one LGBTQ+ book per day in June

"From Greenwood Elementary School Newsletter June 2023
June is Pride Month, which honors the identity, rights, and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in our nation, celebrating their place in American history and in our country's future. To help extend that feeling of inclusion to the Greenwood community, we will be participating in “Reading th"


New Haven Unified School District

Son comes home with painted finger nails

"Pioneer Elementary School
Union City, CA

Pioneer Elementary had an event called a field day.

My son comes home with painted finger
He said his male classmate was getting his nails done.
When he went in line out of curiosity, they told him it was ok to paint his nails.

I called the school and Sandra in the front office was basi"


Howard County Public Schools

High School Teacher Arrested, Charged with Sexually abusing a student

"Message from the Superintendent, May 4, 2023
May 4th, 2023

The following statement was issued by HCPSS Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano on May 4, 2023:

As many of you may have heard, the Howard County Police Department charged a Mt. Hebron High School teacher, Matthew Barth, with “sexual abuse of a minor and a third-degree sex offense.” He has bee"


World Language - Woke Ideology in KDE standards


Attached is the link to the world languages content standards set forth by the KDE. These standards provide sample learning targets that are left leaning (including discussions about social justice, LGBTQ, climate change, gender, and "


Sun Prairie Area School District

18 year-old male allegedly showers naked at school with 14 year-old girls

"On March 3, 2023
According to allegations in an attorney letter:
18 year-old biological male, who identified as “trans,” entered the
high school locker room and SHOWERED NAKED next to FOUR FRESHMAN GIRLS.
The biological male EXPOSED HIS MALE GENITALIA to the shocked and horrified 14 year old girls.

The district:


Camdenton R-III School District

SPARK(Students Protecting All Rights for Kids)


(Students Protecting All Rights for Kids)

is a student-led organization that
was founded on the belief that every student deserves fair treatment and unbiased education. Every student has a right to their own personal and political beliefs, and no set of standards or curriculum should infringe upon that right. The mission of SPARK is to eradicat"


Kennett Consolidated School District

CRT Based Teacher Training.

"A Right to Know request filed by No Left Turn in Education revealed that in the summer of 2020, the Kennett Consolidated School District invited the Insight Education Group to conduct 3 teacher trainings called "Discussions on Race and Equity." The trainings included, but were not limited to:
- Discussions on white privilege and white supremacy.
- Reading"


Boise City Independent School District 1

LGBT activist teacher arrested for allegedly raping 16-year-old student

"Boise, Idaho teacher and LGBT activist arrested for allegedly raping 16 year-old boy
"According to reports, McDermott allegedly contacted his victim on a “dating hookup site” in 2020, where he allegedly sent his victim nude photos. McDermott then allegedly communicated the teenage victim over several days, arranged a meeting, and then brought the teen to hi"


DeKalb County School District

Inappropriate Topics, Book & Questions

"My son is a Freshman at Lakeside HS. His English teacher used very inappropriate and entirely irrelevant subject matters in her classroom as well as a racially charged book. Please see the attached links showing her syllabus. Please pay attention to the questions and examples she gave. There are MANY other topics she could have used to teach; not to mention,"


Newtown School District

Critical Lenses in Newtown High

"In Honors American Literature class students were told to pick a (CRT) “lens” to write about in relation to a book they read."


Newtown School District

Poem about Suicide

"Newtown High Freshman English class read this poem about suicide."


Inappropriate sexual content

"I was shocked to see photos of Batman and Robin dressed in only a towel with mentions of home sexuality and Wonder Woman in bondage in my seventh graders creative writing assignment. The assignment had no relevance to creative writing. The questionable links were buried in a link within the canvas online assignment. I contacted the principals at the school a"


Frederick County Public Schools

Two Virginia Teachers Arrested for Sexual Conduct With Students

"Text of News Article
Two teachers in Virginia county arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with students

Andrew Miller
Fri, March 24, 2023 at 1:44 PM EDT·2 min read
Two teachers in the same Virginia school district have been arrested for "inappropriate contact" with students following an investigation.

Emily Walker, a P.E. teacher at Frederick C"


Email: Parents Cannot opt their kids out of LGBTQ+ books

"Montgomery County Public Schools proudly announced a list of new LGBTQ+ books that teachers would be required to read to kids at school. Parents contacted the schools to opt their kids out. Then MCPS sent an email stating that parents CANNOT opt their kids out of these books:

"MCPS expects all classrooms to be inclusive and safe spaces for students, inclu"


West Chester Area School District

The West Chester Area School District has gone off the deep end with regard to gender ideology indoctrinations!

"Instances of Gender Ideology Indoctrinations in the WCASD

Most viewing information on this NLTE web site are aware of the escalating and detrimental gender ideology indoctrinations that are being imposed on schoolchildren throughout the country. Unfortunately, the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) seems to be marching in lockstep with those educr"