Indoctrination in Your State & District


Denver County School District 1

More Evidence of Woke Racism in DPS Trainings

"This is part of our series of documents received through our Freedom of Information Act Request showing more evidence of woke racism training occurring throughput DPS."


Parents Silenced! Board Meeting Canceled "due to masks"

"Brandywine School District's August board meeting was canceled due to "people not wearing masks per the governor's mandate".  

This board meeting was off to an odd start from the beginning.   My first observation was that no board members were seated at the 7pm start time.  The public comment was also moved to the last item on the agenda, and possibly li"


Denver County School District 1

More Woke Racism in DPS

"This is a continuation of our efforts to publicize the woke racism we keep finding in DPS as a result of our freedom of information request."


Paso Robles Joint Unified School District

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District prohibiting the teaching of Critical Race Theory

"I would like to share the story from Chris Arend, the President of The Board of Trustees ot the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District.

These matters arose in our district last spring in connection with a request from students to set up an ethnic studies course. As you probably know from the news, we will have a requirement for ethnic studies in "


Denver County School District 1

More Evidence of Racist Indoctrination in Denver Public Schools

"This is a continuation of the documents received through our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request. We have a lot of documents and the implementation of CRT based indoctrination appears to be ubiquitous throughout the DPS district. We will continue to make uploads on a regular basis. I have highlighted sections that appear to be based on CRT. Now is t"


Denver County School District 1

More Evidence of Racist Indoctrination in Denver Public Schools

"Here are more documents from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We have a lot of them, and will continue to make updates to show you the full picture. It appears as though CRT indoctrination is ubiquitous throughout the district. Any highlights in the documents are my own."


Natomas Unified School District

CA HS Teacher Admits Communist Indoctrination of Students

"I just wanted to share this video in case no one has shared it yet with your organization. This was originally uploaded by Project Veritas channel on YouTube. Note: I am not associated with this school; do not work at this school, and/ or reside in this state.

There are other follow-up videos related to this high school on Project Veritas channel.


New Mexico

Albuquerque Public Schools

What Lane?

"Grant Middle School in Albuquerque is distributing What Lane? book to all students and requiring reading and school-wide involvement. This book positions CRT and it is extremely disturbing. The book is about a mixed-race adolescent with a black father and white mother. It teaches police and those in authority are racist. The intent is to engage students in e"


Roseville Public School District

Roseville principal calls traditional gender views ‘bigoted bullshit’

"Here is a link to the article about the incident involving myself and the newly hired principal at Brimhall Elementary."


Alpine School District

Chem. teacher's Leftist rant videotaped at Lehi HS; no longer working in district.

"The video of this chemistry teacher's vicious Leftist rant can be viewed at: Fortunately, a student videotaped it and she is no longer working for the district. However, who knows how many children might previously have been influenced by her Leftist vitriol in chemistry class before she was "outed?"

Some quotes taken fr"


San Carlos Elementary School District


"In February 2021 I picked my daughter up from school and the first thing she said to me was, "Daddy are you evil, because you are white. Am I half-evil since I am half-white?" My daughter was in 1st grade and is mixed race. It is unlikely the teacher said this so explicitly but what is clear is the message that race is the determining factor in measuring "


Fulton County School District

Hopewell Middle School - 8th Grade ELA Politically Controversial Article

"Fall 2020 at Hopewell Middle School - my son's 8th grade ELA teacher distributed the attached article which I found very political. Again this violated the Fulton County IKB Policy. I escalated the article to the principal and then to the District 2 Board Rep and District 2 Superintendent. The Newsla AOC/Omar article could not be more controversial right n"


Fulton County School District

Hopewell Middle School - 8th grade Debate Teacher -Biden/Trump Slanted Article

"In Fall 2020, my son's 8th grade debate teacher distributed another reading comprehension assignment this time with an article comparing Biden to Trump and putting Trump in a very bias/unfavorable light toward's Trump. Once again, I escalated this to the principal and used the Fulton County IKB policy to defend my position. The teacher defended her position"


Fulton County School District

Hopewell Middle School - Microsoft Teams Profile of my 8th Grade Son

"So, my sons 8th grade Spanish teacher pulled him out of class to let him know the school admin has insisted that he change his Microsoft Teams Profile from Donald Trump's picture to something else. My son came home and I told him to stand his ground. He understood that was his 1st amendment right. He wore Trump socks/shirts to school every week. Why is th"


Fulton County School District

Hopewell Middle School 2020- BLM.ORG Articles in 8th grade Debate Class

"In Fall of 2020, my son was a virtual 8th grader at Hopewell Middle School. His debate teacher assigned an article (I uploaded) putting BLM.ORG in an positive light. The assignment was a reading comprehension assignment. I waited a couple of days thinking since it's debate she will send out the opposing view. Wrong! The teacher said the kids are not savvy e"


Fulton County School District

Cambridge High School - 9th On Level ELA -Teacher suggested in appropriate book

"First week of school at Cambridge High School Aug 2021 - My son's 9th grade on level ELA sends a letter out discussing how she will be encouraging kids to read more for homework as opposed to watching tv. Great! All for that. Her recommended reading was Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult. This book was in our No Left Turn in Education Obscenity Presentat"


Fulton County School District

Cambridge High School - Content Discrimination 10th Grade AP ELA

"My daughter was asked to write a paper on any controversial topic. She and 2 other girls in the AP ELA class chose Pro-Life. The AP ELA 10th grade teacher told them they could not select that topic because she would NOT be able to give them a passing grade. She stated in all her years the only arguments made were that it was murder or religion. I emailed "

Rhode Island

Providence School District

Rhode Island College Teacher Certification Program Being Run By Highly Radical Far-Left Gatekeepers

"The Feinstein School of Human Development is currently being run and facilitated by crazed extremely far-left professors and administrators, who are actively and purposely pushing every far-left agenda you can name (especially CRT) into their curricula and worse, indoctrinating the next generation of "educators" that they are tasked with training into this s"


Fulton County School District

ELA K-2 New Textbooks

"In Nov 2020, I learned that our district, Fulton County schools, would be adopting new textbooks for ELA K-2. Having been a member of a new Facebook group No Left Turn in Education, I'd been reading posts for several months and recalled one post indicating to be mindful of new textbooks as new radical ideology could turn up in the new books. My radar was o"


Georgia Dept of Behavioral Health and CRT

"In working a GA Dept of Education issue, I learned that the GA Dept of Behavioral Health had emailed an invitation to attend "Anti Racist" training and this invitation was received by a State School Board member. Through open records requests, I found that the invitation to this training was sent to 18,000 people in the state of Georgia, including state emp"


State Sponsored Teacher Professional Development and Training

"Georgia has 16 Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) funded by the Georgia Dept of Education (through budget passage by GA legislature). The RESAs provide professional development and training to GA's public and charter system educator and administrators. It came to my attention that a CRT-based training was held by the Metro RESA. I researched and "

New York

Monticello School District Drops Bank Street but hires an Equity officer.

"The Monticello School District in Sullivan County New York has spent 153,000 dollars for a collaboration with Bank Street. The district has canceled the partnership but will follow the New York State Board of Education DCIP (District Comprehensive Improvement Plan). The district has recently hired a hundred thousand dollar salaried equity person. The pl"


Segregated employee groups at Wisconsin Technical College System

"The WTCS has decided to divide employees up by race, sex, gender, and more through a program of voluntary segregation. Each of the 16 technical colleges is adopting the same or similar segregated programs.

The info is at WTCS' Commitment to Progress includes the following:
1. Sustained Conversations on Systemic Racism and Policy Reform

WTCS will supp"


Brophy College Prep has turned left

"Brophy holds a "Summit on Human Dignity" every year, which models colleges and universities. The 2021 summit was on Racism. Ibram X. Kendi presented at the summit, although his name does not appear in the curriculum.

This year the school has adopted several statements. Here is just 1 of 8 "Guidelines to Having Meaningful Conversations About Race at Brophy"


Clark County School District

More brainwashing in Clark County

"As a substitute teacher for the public school district, I've been required to take CRT-type courses which specifically state (as fact) that America is systemically racist, along with other racist thoughts designed to divide us."


Southern Lehigh School District

Climate Survey forecasts DEI trouble!

"The Southern Lehigh superintendent and school board approved a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion proposal which states that it is a professional development for staff on "racism, systemic oppression, marginalization, implicit bias, discrimination," etc. They keep saying that this proposal is not going to change the curriculum but in it is stated: "Identificat"

New York

New York City Department Of Education

No context/No balance/No objectivity

"The following refer to experiences at Bronx Public School 175:

1. My 6-year-old was told that if a police officer knocks on your door - you ask them "where's your warrant?" This was followed by "if they come into your home without a warrant you get an attorney." Both were stated without substance or a lesson plan.

2. They read a children's book by S"


Anoka-Hennepin Public School District

Indoctrination Nation

"When I lived in the Anoka Minnesota school district I saw first-hand all of the indoctrinations..... High school classrooms celebrated criminals and BLM. Google this district for more information."


Springfield R-XII School District

Critical Thinking Extinct Here

"Springfield Public schools are a disaster for critical thinking parents and children. Because of this, my grandson is being enrolled in a private Montessori school."


East Penn School District

One Messed Up Place

"News Release – East Penn School District Releases Pro-LGBTQ Videos, August 10, 2018"