Indoctrination in Your State & District


Rochester Community School District

Michigan School District Retaliates Against a Mom Who Spoke Out

"RCS communications department 'were assigned to regularly capture screenshots of parents’ social media posts and comments... and to compile dossiers,' according to a lawsuit; Mom alleges she was fired from her job when school official complains to her employer."

North Dakota

Fargo Public School District 1

North Dakota parents furious after school board nixes Pledge of Allegiance

"Fargo school board votes to stop saying Pledge of Allegiance at meetings"


South Bend Community School Corporation

At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022

"John Doty, a 35-year-old former biology teacher at Career Academy South Bend in Indiana, was charged with two counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and six counts of child seduction on Feb. 9.

Doty is accused of repeatedly raping a 16-year-old female student and threatening to kill her. He is scheduled to stand trial in January 2023."


At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022

"Anessa Paige Gower, a 35-year-old former biology teacher at Making Waves Academy in Richmond, California, was charged with 29 counts of child molestation on April 8.

Gower is accused of sexually abusing seven students between 2021-2022 when she was a teacher at Making Waves, with allegations including forcible sodomy of minors and sharing sexually graphi"

New York

New York City Department Of Education

At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022

"Shannon Hall, a 31-year-old former teacher at Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences High School in New York City, was arrested in June and charged with forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment.

Hall is accused of grabbing a 14-year-old female student's breast inside his classroom and of sending texts to a 16-year-old stude"


Williamsport Area School District

At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022

"Roger Weaver Freed, the 34-year-old former principal at Williamsport Area High School in Pennsylvania, was arrested in June and charged with sexual contact with a student, corruption of a minor, furnishing liquor to a minor, sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault without consent.

Freed is accused of having a years-long sexual relationship with a m"


Clay County School District

Florida school board member demands 'disciplinary action' over pornographic books in schools: 'I'm disgusted'

"Florida's Clay County school board member described a race against time to remove 'unconscionable' pornographic books from libraries."

Rhode Island

Moms say George Soros' foundation using term 'birthing people' is 'dehumanizing': 'woke implosive insanity'

"A mom from Rhode Island said the term 'birthing people' was part of the agenda of 'radical gender identity cultists'"


PA House Lawmakers Demand Wolf’s Acting Education Secretary Reverse Gender Theory Student Indoctrination or Resign

"Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (R-Clinton) and 20 state House Republican lawmakers are officially calling for acting Pennsylvania Education Secretary Eric Hagarty’s resignation unless he takes immediate action to reverse Gender Theory Student Indoctrination from taking hold in K-12 public schools."


‘This Is About Power’ Critical Race Theory Trainer Tells Pennsylvania Educators

"Far-right white people are in a moral panic over Critical Race Theory (CRT) because they fear losing political power. These are the sentiments taught to Pennsylvania educators about parents who attend board meetings in opposition to CRT. The training was a webinar presented by Justice Leaders Collaborative, a Michigan-based social justice training organizati"


California Department of Education advocates books promoting gender transitions to kindergartners

"The recommended books were part of the California Department of Education's 'curriculum and resources' on their website."


Collier County School District

Southwest Florida school district places warning labels on over 100 books

"The district started adding the labels in February based on a “Porn in Schools Report” issued by Florida Citizen's Alliance."


Stillwater Public Schools

Oklahoma parents protest explicit books in public school libraries

"Oklahoma parents on Tuesday night spoke out against explicit library books at a school board meeting."


Great Valley School District

CRT Training in Great Valley School District

"In school year 2021/2022 many Great Valley parents complained to the School Board about the apparent presence of the Critical Race Theory in the School District. They were told that CRT is not being taught and is not in the District. However, a Right to Know Request, aka Freedom of Information Request, revealed that not only was CRT in the District, but 30"


Howard County Public Schools

English class CRT: Not focusing on race = white supremacy

"A slide shown as part of an HCPSS English class unit on freedom is classic CRT (Critical Race Theory).
It defines the terms "identity," "culture," "race," and "bias."

A note at the bottom of the slide emphasizes that students must NOT treat others as fellow human beings but instead as representatives of their labels:

"Note about colorblindness--viewin"


West Chester Area School District

Boys Encouraged to Wear Dresses During Pride Month

"See news articles below:"


San Diego City Unified School District

School board president says students must wear mask or don't bother returning to school

"San Diego Unified School District Board President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne defended the district's decision to return to indoor mask mandates, suggesting that students uncomfortable with wearing a mask not return to school.

"They really should wear the mask," Whitehurst-Payne said in an interview with "Good Morning San Diego" Monday, adding that students w"


Jefferson County School District R-1

Teacher Sent To Re-Education Training For Suggesting To Teen That Trans Youth Regret Transitioning

"A Colorado teacher was disciplined after suggesting to a transgender student that the rise in transgenderism is a “trend” that some come to regret, according to documents provided to the Daily Caller from the educator.

Jefferson County Public School teacher Phil Vagos underwent disciplinary action following an email exchange between himself and a transgen"


Haverford Township School District

Would you be comfortable having this person as a teacher or administrator in your school district?

"Warning: After reading this post, you can decide for yourself whether or not you would be comfortable having Dr. Steven Quinn, the former Vice Principal of Haverford High School in Delaware County, involved with your children or grandchildren in ANY CAPACITY in ANY SCHOOL in the COUNTRY. The information provided below has been corroborated to be true by kn"


Houston Independent School District


"Indoctrination has been a part of HISD agenda for some years. I have witness this first hand being a teacher in HISD. I have a few things to suggest you investigate.

1. Be aware that schools with SEL, Intervention, and Enrichment blocks are utilizing this scheduled time to indoctrinate students regarding gender and troublesome psychological issues (this c"


Lower Merion School District

This teacher’s twitter video might seem to be from the Babylon Bee satire site but unfortunately, it’s not a joke.

"The following link shows a twitter video made by a Welsh Valley Middle School teacher in the upscale Lower Merion School District in the Philadelphia Main Line area. You can watch the video at the follow web site:

The teacher (Mx. Beaman) is a biological female who has decided that “they”"


West Chester Area School District

Can't wear an American flag to a public school now????

"Our Schools are Beginning to Resemble Circus Side Shows."
Can't wear an American flag to a public school now????

I recently have had multiple run-ins with the teachers at Stetson Middle School in West Chester, PA. It's gotten so concerning that my both my brother and I have decided to pull our children from this middle school. The last thing I wanted to"


Oceanside Unified School District

Far Left Radical Superintendent Dr. Julie Vitale Secretly Imposes Hidden Agenda

"California public schools top leadership are slowly implementing CRT, Restorative Justice, LGBTQ+, and other policies in the schools which is leading to the total distraction of students, staff, parents and the community without any oversight. As school staff and the site principals have no power to challenge the agenda. The majority of these policies or ac"



"Director of Equity and Student Support Services
Midlothian, VA
260 days, 8 hours per day - $99,755.30 - $169,583.00 Annually
Category: Human Resources / Management / Professional
Department: SL - Equity & Student Support Services"


Howard County Public Schools

Handing out candy, free food recommended recruitment tool for LGBTQ+ clubs in schools

"Each HCPSS school has one or more staff members designated as Rainbow Representatives. Their duties include sponsoring Gender and Sexuality Alliances clubs during school hours or after school hours. Training materials for Rainbow Representatives link to a GLSEN document that recommends handing out candy to recruit students and states that "Free food can make"


Denver County School District 1

I first ran for school board last fall

"I had never heard of NLT until last year. You are doing a great job of supporting parents.

I ran because I just needed to do more than what I was doing to alert and wake parents up.

Usborne Books & More woke me up to the literacy problem.

And running for the school board woke me up to how interconnected equity, SEL, and CRT are related.



LGBTQ club in Spreckel's Elementary School

"Good Afternoon,

I am a parent of two elementary students in San Diego Unified School District, Spreckel's Elementary. I have recently discovered that they have an LGBTQ club that children can attend. They don't call it the LGBTQ club, they hide it by calling it Pride Peeps. Well, they don't call it that anymore since I have been in conflict with them and "


Mount Lebanon School District

Mothers filed lawsuit to stop transgender lessons at elementary school

"Three Pennsylvania parents filed a federal lawsuit last week alleging that their children's first-grade teacher violated district policy, state law and the Constitution by teaching children about gender dysphoria and transgender transitioning.

The suit, filed by mothers Carmilla Tatel, Stacy Dunn and Gretchen Melton against the Mount Lebanon School Distri"


Great Valley School District

Great Valley parents and taxpayers are attempting to uncover what EXACTLY the GVSD is hiding from parents regarding students' gender identities…

"Numerous parents and residents in the GVSD have been concerned for many months regarding the district’s “Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Policy."

It has been discovered that it is GV’s policy to hide information from parents about their children who want to be called by a different name and pronoun in school. (See the link to the article in the Su"


Howard County Public Schools

HCPSS Pride receives $30k for "Social and Emotional Learning Support"

""While Pride month is wonderful, we want to make sure the advocacy continues throughout the year"

HCPSS Pride was awarded $30k in June 2022 for district-wide support for "Social Emotional Learning" including Rainbow Representatives and SAGA/GSA sponsors

"What is a GSA? A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA), Queer-Straigh"