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The West Chester Area School District has gone off the deep end with regard to gender ideology indoctrinations!

West Chester Area School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2023-03-23


Instances of Gender Ideology Indoctrinations in the WCASD

Most viewing information on this NLTE web site are aware of the escalating and detrimental gender ideology indoctrinations that are being imposed on schoolchildren throughout the country. Unfortunately, the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) seems to be marching in lockstep with those educrats who are inflicting this destructive brainwashing on our students.

It should be emphasized that it is one thing, and indeed essential, that our schools must protect our LGBTQ students from bullying and ensure that they are treated with the respect that all human beings deserve; however, it is quite another to groom students and even encourage them to explore changing their gender identities. There is no question that some WCASD administrators and teachers HAVE, and indeed ARE participating in this unacceptable gender identity brainwashing. TO CALL THIS CHILD ABUSE IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION! Indoctrinating children in this manner should not be the function of our public schools.

A “tip-of-the-iceberg” list of documented examples of various types of gender ideology indoctrinations that have occurred in the WCASD over the last 2-3 years is given below. It is unacceptable that taxpayer dollars are funding this egregious propagandizing of our schoolchildren.

(Footnotes with Internet links can be obtained by scrolling down to the end of this post.)

=> Gender Queer, a book in WCASD’s high school libraries, was strongly opposed by many residents due to its numerous pornographic images. (1) Note that although the pornographic images were of homosexual sex, including one that some might consider to be pedophilia, opponents would have objected just as strongly had they been images of analogous acts of heterosexual sex. Nevertheless, 8 of the 9 school board members voted at their March, 2022 meeting to allow this indisputably pornographic book to remain in the high school libraries. The article can be read in the Philadelphia Inquirer (2)

=> The March and April of 2022 school board meetings were extremely contentious due to the Gender Queer vote. Many LGBTQ students and their supporters spoke and vilified those who objected to the book with numerous pejoratives. Their unacceptable displays of intolerance did not demonstrate the “inclusivity” and tolerance that is currently promoted by the DEI programs in the WCASD schools. (3) An email written by a concerned WCASD taxpayer provides specific details related to these meetings and also links to portions of the speeches. (4)

=> Teacher trainings also include diversity training regarding sexual identity topics (gender fluidity/gender expression/gender identity). (5) “You Soup” trainings (6) explain the Genderbread Person (7) and explore gender identities and sexual orientation.

=> A Pierce Middle School health teacher told the class that trans-men are technically men capable of giving birth.
Explanation: This teacher was talking about a biological female who identifies as a male which is certainly an example of gender ideology indoctrination. Who knows how many other teachers are disseminating this nonsense in their classrooms?

=> A Pierce Middle School teacher gave a 6th grade female student the book George, to her for reading hour. (8) The book George discusses taking female hormones, having transition surgery, and taking androgen blockers.

=> A Fugett Middle School math teacher asked a 12 year old boy for his preferred pronouns.

=> When discussing policies for teacher-hiring during his Equity report at the 9/27/2021 board meeting, Director Durnell noted: “Our district has expanded our definition of equity beyond race to include gender, gender identity, ability, race and sexual orientation." (9)
One has to question why these group identities are qualifications for the all-important job of teaching our students.

=> In the spring of 2022, numerous LGBTQ-themed pictures adorned the walls of Exton Elementary School (The pictures were taken by visiting parents.) (10)

=> Instead of “Boys” or “Girls,” a sign on the door of the children’s bathroom at Hillsdale Elementary School said “They/Them” which is not only confusing to young children but obviously was meant to indoctrinate them into the use of pronouns. (11)

=> All WCASD middle and high schools have GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) clubs that are "open to all students as a means to support LGBTQ students and their allies." According to information on the WCASD web site “all three middle schools are aligning the club’s structure to the Gay Straight Alliances at the three WCASD high schools.” A positive purpose of these clubs is that they are said to “provide a safe space for students and allies and will act as an anti-bullying and anti-suicide safe-zone.” However, one has to question whether peer pressure and possible proselytizing during the meetings from advisors will influence students to pursue these lifestyles when they would not have done so otherwise. Particularly problematic is the fact that these are held during school hours which means that parents who would object to their children participating in such clubs have little or no control in preventing them from doing so.

=> Pride month at Stetson Middle School (May, 2022) resembled a circus-type atmosphere with numerous activities that promoted the LGBTQ agenda. A male teacher strutted around in high heels. That same teacher paraded through the cafeteria waving a Pride flag. Pictures of drag queens with QR codes were displayed on school walls. Male students wore dresses. Pride flags abounded. Numerous students wore Pride flags as capes which was accepted by the administration; however, a student who attempted to wear a Blue Lives Matter flag in the same manner was forbidden to do so by Ms. Heather Selgraph, an eighth grade counselor. Even though Ms. Selgraph violated the student’s First Amendment rights in an indisputably biased and unfair manner (which should have resulted in her removal as a school counselor), she is still listed in that position at Stetson Middle School. (12) (13) (14)

=> When a parent questioned Superintendent Sokolowski in the fall of 2022 as to whether or not students must use bathrooms in accordance with their sex rather than their gender identity, Dr. Sokolowski responded: “Pursuant to the protections of Title IX, the District permits students to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity.”

WCASD's interpretation of Title IX which enables a male who thinks he’s a woman to use the girls’ bathroom seems to be politically-motivated rather than based on legalities. Indeed, there are numerous legal experts and also courts and judges in other jurisdictions such as the 11th Circuit full panel and a North District Texas judge in particular that do not agree with the interpretation of Title IX that treats a student’s gender identity in the same manner as his/her biological sex. WCASD's self-serving interpretation infringes on the girls’ rights to privacy and has been known to create safety issues in other districts throughout the country.

=> Through a Right to Know (RTK) request, a parent uncovered a form called the "Gender Support Plan" (15) that WCASD staff should complete once a student expresses a desire to change his/her gender. On the form are several questions noting how communication with parents will be handled when they don't support their child's gender transition. An RTK request indicated that the district “does not necessarily tell parents if their child is using another gender at school than at home; rather, it depended on if the parent or guardian is supportive of the child’s seeking to change their gender.” In fact, at the October 25, 2022 meeting at which this was discussed, Superintendent Sokolowski admitted to doing exactly that…”I can share with you that when I was the principal at Henderson High School, there was a student that was transitioning to a different gender and that was something this particular student was very uncomfortable sharing with one of her parents…We exclude those plans in the fullest protection of the students.” (16)

=> Ali Givey, a first grade teacher at Exton Elementary School, posted a link to her Instagram account that takes users to a suggested reading list on her personal Amazon account. The suggested reading list included the books "Max" and "When Aiden Became a Brother" -- books about elementary aged characters who are transgender. (17) Remember…this is first grade!

=> Particularly disturbing is the fact that the WCASD implemented gender ideology teacher trainings in one of their ELEMENTARY schools. Where will this end?

It is significant that the WCASD has been added to Turning Point USA’s School Board watch list. Information on TPUSA’s site (18) describes the aforementioned August 24, 2022, teacher training at Fern Hills Elementary School that was entitled, “An Intro to LGBTQ Education: Cultivating Gender Inclusive Classrooms."

“Documents provided by No Left Turn in Education to the Daily Caller News Foundation, said the training provided ‘elementary school teachers with picture books and lessons for kids as young as kindergarten on transgenderism to incorporate into their classroom.’
The training was led by LGBTQ activist Aneesah Smith, a self-described ‘queer, Christian, cisgender, woman of color.’ (19) Smith hosts a variety of training sessions including ‘Understanding and Supporting LGBTQ+ Students and Families’ and ‘Communication Beyond the Binary: Cultivating a Gender Inclusive School.’

In the workshop provided to Fern Hills Elementary School, teachers were shown the ‘Gender Bear.’ Daily Caller (20) reports the ‘Gender Bear’ is a ‘diagram of a bear used to explain how genitals give people their sex and the brain gives people their identity.
For kindergarten through second grade students, the training recommended the book ‘Red: A Crayon’s Story. ’ (21) This book teaches students about gender identity through a crayon who is labeled as red but is actually blue.

Another book recommended during the training helps children understand pronouns and is titled: ‘They, She, He, Me: Free To Be.’ (22) It comes with an activity written by the Human Rights Commission that offers information on how to introduce elementary students to gender-neutral pronouns and how to pick their own pronouns.”

Additional documentation that includes six Training Artifacts relating to this elementary school teacher training can be found on line. (23)

It goes without saying that such sexual indoctrinations imposed upon young impressionable children could result in enormous detrimental impacts on their health and emotional well-being in later years should they act on these “suggestions” to change genders.