Our Vision A future education where appreciation of American founding principles is fostered, family values are preserved, and every individual can pursue truth, virtue, beauty, and excellence.

Our Mission To revive in American education the fundamental discipline of objective thinking by educating, empowering, and engaging students, parents, and community, emphasizing the role of the parent as the primary custodian and authority of their child.




Discover what our children are learning

And what our children should be learning.


You are not alone!
The majority is silent no more!
Our strength is in our numbers!


We are loud. We are tenacious. We must be heard. We won’t be denied. We are the “boots on the ground,” engaging on Legal, Civic and Legislative fronts.


Our fight is not over until malleable young minds are free from indoctrination that suppresses independent thought.

There is one race, the human race!


Join the Movement!

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