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Elementary School Plans to read one LGBTQ+ book per day in June

Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

Submitted: 2023-06-02


From Greenwood Elementary School Newsletter June 2023
June is Pride Month, which honors the identity, rights, and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in our nation, celebrating their place in American history and in our country's future. To help extend that feeling of inclusion to the Greenwood community, we will be participating in “Reading the Rainbow” Month. For each day of June, classrooms will read a LGBTQ+-friendly book. As a follow-up to the book, each classroom will have a community circle discussion. We are really looking forward to this meaningful experience, which will allow our LGBTQ+ students and students who have connections to the LGBTQ+ community to feel safer and seen within our school. To see the books and questions that we will be used throughout the month of June, please click the link:

The books include a boy talking about being black, autistic, and transgender
Discussions include describing the term CIS gender
This is for kids as young as kindergarten

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