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Xavier College Prep Catholic School in Palm Desert


Submitted: 2023-07-11


The mission of Xavier College Preparatory High School in Palm Desert states: “All programming is founded on the
tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, modeled on the life of Jesus Christ, and centered in the rich heritage of the Roman
Catholic Church.”

By the two male educators insisting, ignoring her pleas, and persevering - we feel strongly that they are abusing
their authority and not holding themselves to the best-interest of the child or the teachings of Jesus Christ and the
Roman Catholic Church. In our opinion, they are violating the Jesuit rule to protect and promote the well-being of
all individuals and that they are failing to create a safe environment free from sexual harm as articulated under
the Charter of Protection of Children and Young People from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Sexual abuse is not simply physical, it can also be psychological. Sexual misconduct is defined as “any unwanted
and uninvited sexual behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable or unsafe.” In our opinion, this is exactly
what has happened here at school.
According to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and RAINN:
• Sex abuse can be contactless and includes showing pornography, exposing a child to sexual acts, forcing a
child to view images, and forcing a child to take part in conversations pertaining to sexual activities online
or through a smartphone (The students read their books on smart phones).
• The definition of Grooming includes victim selection, gaining access and isolating victims, trust
development, desensitizing discussion of sexual topics, and attempting to make their behavior seem

We respectfully asked Bishop Rojas and Dr. Torres to intervene. We feel that these teenage children's welfare is at
risk. We recognize that we aren’t the only parents who feel this way. We have heard that Xavier has created an
unreceptive environment where parents and students with similar qualms are afraid to complain. We prayerfully
ask that the diocese weigh in on these books and explain to us how they fit into a Catholic Jesuit curriculum as well
as, Jesus' teachings. We request that if Xavier identifies itself as a Roman Catholic institution, built on the tradition
of St. Ignatius of Loyola, that the San Bernardino Dioceses show us where these teachings at Xavier coincide with
the Bible.

My child is confused because what she is being taught in Theology class is in direct opposition to what's taught in
English class on the same day.

We ask that the sexual misconduct in school come to an end and that all children, including the conservative
Catholic children that embrace the Bible, feel safe in the learning environment. We pray that our daughter’s
boundaries be respected and her values be encouraged.