Example Letters

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Example 1
A parent gave this speech at a school board meeting and left the board members a typed copy of the speech.

It is the responsibility of a school district to provide an education that matches and enhances every student’s unique talents and abilities. Using “equity” for course placements can create problems for those in all ranges of the academic spectrum. The outcome of admitting unqualified students into upper level classes on the basis of “equity” is predictable… Read More

Example 2
This is the letter NLTE founder wrote to the school board.

June 18, 2020

Dear Supt. Copeland,

I am the parent of two children enrolled at Gladwyne Elementary School. On Tuesday, June 9th, I was puzzled to receive a “Cultural Proficiency Lessons Family Letter” from Principal Ellers that expressed the conclusion of “educators” (I assume the LSMD Administration) that children enrolled in the school system need additional explicit lessons on equity and race. Aren’t students already engaged in numerous educational programs to foster empathy, understanding, and compassion towards everybody? Yet somehow, as a result of the social unrest in recent weeks, the school felt compelled to address the issues yet again, but with something called “cultural proficiency”, a completely unmeasurable and frankly, ridiculous exercise to achieve some unclear result!…Read More

Example 3
View this letter written by a parent of a child whose teacher assigned the reading of Front Desk by Kelly Yang.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is —–  and my husband, —– and I currently have three students in the Lower Merion School District. I am writing tonight regarding my daughter’s 5th grade class in which a book entitled Front Desk by Kelly Yang was assigned. After reading Yang’s book, it left me with a feeling of anger and worry.

The school district has recently implemented a new curriculum which intends to teach students about “anti-racism” and race relations in this country. We believe you are teaching racism.

Both my husband and I strongly value our responsibility to teach our children about racism. We have and will continue to instill the values of moral character. That means being kind and respectful to all no matter their color, gender or religion. We also instill the love of this country and to appreciate the freedoms and liberties we are so fortunate to enjoy. This includes freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the notion that not all people live in a democratic republic such as our own…. Read More

Example 4
View this letter written by a parent to the local school board and superintendent after the National Association of School Boards sent their infamous letter to President Biden indicating that parents are terrorists for their justifiable expressions of concern at school board meetings.

To West Chester School District School Board Memers:

The following email (below) which I sent to the National School Boards Association should be self-explanatory. I respectfully request that you read it. Whatever your political affiliation or your thoughts on masking and Critical Race Theory/DEI, each of you should be as outraged as I am at the request by the NSBA for the federal government to utilize the power of federal law enforcement agencies to effectually squelch parental dissent. As members of this organization, I urge that you, either individually or as a Board, express strong disapproval to the NSBA’s leadership regarding this egregious assault on civil liberties….. Read More

Example 5
Scroll to the right to view correspondence between NLTE New Jersey chapter head and the superintendent of the Berlin School District in NJ.
  • Letter to Superintendent

    October 11, 2020


    Dear Dr. Campisi:


    As you have now been made aware by several 8th grade parents, the remix book, “Stamped” by Jason Reynolds and adapted from Stamped from the Beginning by and with an introduction from Ibram X Kendi has been of major concern. Although I had heard the murmuring, I wanted to read this version myself and draw my own conclusions.


    To say we are in a climate where race has been brought to the forefront is an understatement. Amidst the recent events that surrounded George Floyds death has created such. When it came to the horrific events of this man’s death and murder, I did not hear any race, nationality, creed or sex state that they did not vehemently disavow the behaviors of the four officers, who in fact represented a white, Hispanic, Asian and Black officer. I saw Americans united and in solidarity against what was done to George regardless of the facts surrounding the case that he was under the influence of drugs at the time. The actions of the knees on the back and neck by all four officers was considered unacceptable and America wanted justice…Read More

  • Response from Superintendent

    Good morning Mrs. Ferri,


    Thank you for reaching out to me with your concerns. I have read your letter and would ask that you attend the virtual townhall meeting tomorrow night at 6 pm via Zoom and put forth your concerns.


    We are undertaking teaching and learning that provides multiple perspectives. Politics are not being taught, critical thinking is being taught. Students will be welcome to challenge the contents of the book and have open dialogue.
    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.


    Respectfully yours,



  • Second Letter to Superintendent

    Hello Dr. Campisi,


    Yes, I will be attending the virtual townhall meeting. However, I feel you needed to be the one to address the District Policy Concerns regarding Resource Materials -2530 and specifically #2 and #4. My issue is not with politics, although the author does state that, “Obama was a star”. I am also very interested in learning how as you say, “We are undertaking teaching and learning that provides multiple perspectives.” What is the other perspective to this book?


    I did see that we have to submit our questions in advance and it only asked for one question. I submitted nine and I hope they will be addressed.




    Patricia Ferri

  • Superintendent’s Response

    Good morning,


    We received the questions and they will be addressed.


    Respectfully yours,



  • Letter to Superintendent and Teacher

    Dear Dr. Campisi and —-,


    I was extremely disappointed tonight to not only hear that this highly controversial and opinion based book is the book that will will be taught for an entire unit and it doesn’t matter what parents have to say cause its been board approved. No discussion! We get to indoctrinate your child to believe in White privilege and Systematic racism whether you agree or not, and yes, they must comply or get a zero! To hear that the District policy is being addressed because even history textbooks are opinion is just garbage. No other texts are being presented, it is all one sided just like the panel tonight. Terrible teaching and zero critical thinking when only one view is presented and no other perspectives. These ideals are very liberal and controversial. In the very least, what is needed is to show opinions of those that do not agree with this narrative and then let the students decide. That’s called critical thinking! …Read More

  • Response to Third Letter

    October 19, 2020


    Dear Mrs. Ferri:


    I have reviewed your email communications to me from October 11, 2020, through October 18, 2020. You reference race being at the forefront of our current climate after the murder of George Floyd. However, I organized a group of volunteers to create a Cultural Proficiency and Equity Stakeholder Group in September of 2019. The district has been undertaking Equity work for well over a year since my appointment. The district has never condemned law enforcement in any communication to the community. We have, however, spent time looking at situations from multiple perspectives. The Equity work we are doing in the district is not anti-law enforcement or pushing any political agenda. I have done a plethora of Equity work in the past, so this is not the first time I have heard of Systemic Racism and White Privilege. I will agree with your statement that “There is racism that is against many nationalities and faith…”. At this time, we are using Stamped to look at systemic racism towards Black men and women…Read More

  • Letter to Superintendent

    Dear Dr. Campisi,


    I need to address your comments below. I have never stated in any of my communications that you have condemned law enforcement. I stated that much of this media regarding white police officers being a danger to black men has been spurred by the recent events of George Floyd as we have seen with the nationwide protests and riots. I have heard nothing of your, “Cultural Proficiency and Equity Stakeholder Group”, prior to hearing about this book being board approved without parents knowledge and an entire unit taught to the 8th grade class of this book alone without any opposing view. My issue is that the idea and narrative of White privilege and Systemic Racism is being taught as fact when the fact is that this is not only controversial but there are many opposing views to its existence in today’s society…Read More

  • Teacher’s Response to Letter 4

    Mrs. Ferri,


    I respectfully request that you please leave me off of any future mass email communications, particularly as it pertains to the 8th grade ELA curriculum which the Board of Education and Superintendent have since vetted. I deeply regret that my thoughtful responses as delivered during the Town Hall and commitment to excellence as a part of my ongoing daily instruction do not seem to resonate with you. Further, it has become abundantly clear to me that you have a deep misunderstanding of how, in fact, I am approaching the text. I think it best that you communicate directly with my supervisors in moving forward. By way of this email, I have corrected —- contact information, as I recognize that you have been attempting to tag her on all of your previous communications.

  • Parent’s Response to Teacher

    Thank you for letting me know not to contact you regarding my sincere concerns of the material you are teaching my son. As thoughtful as you feel your responses were at the town hall, they did not represent my nor others’ beliefs and I do not feel a commitment to excellence is being portrayed by teaching a unit on an opinion based book while ignoring any opposing opinions/views as if they don’t exist.


    I am glad I have been made fully aware by such responses as have others and I will be responsible for teaching my child the opposing views and in return allow him to analyze and think critically.




    Patricia Ferri

Scroll to the right to view one concerned alumnus confront the Jesuit schools.
  • Re: Catholic primer for a scandalized laity



    I will share a copy of this letter with all who seek a voice against socio-political arrogance disguised as Godly. I will remind them that we the laity have a duty to correct. I hope this letter will become their primer. I have drafted it with that in mind. Though I’m an attorney, I write as a Catholic layperson.


    I am well-known to one of you. I have friends in common with all of you.


    Right now I am very angry.


    Each of your recent public statements about race and politics have been disastrous. Your comments have been non-theological and non-pastoral. You have not surrounded yourself with genuine diversity, seen in your failures to seek multiple perspectives. Thomas Sowell. Rapper Lil’ Wayne. Kanye West. Black Republicans, the original abolitionists. Morgan Freeman. Black cops. Black conservatives. Genuine Liberals. Where are they in any of your commentaries? I see only an echo chamber…Read More

  • Re: Teaching moment lost – an alumnus message about Jesuit High’s website messaging

    To the Board:


    I write regarding the content of Jesuit High School’s website regarding the tumult and turmoil that has struck our nation these past several months.


    I am a graduate of Jesuit High School Class of 1974. I attended the University of San Francisco, both undergraduate and law (’78 and ’81). As an undergraduate I selected where possible courses taught by scholarly (and by then elderly) Jesuits, to all of whom I became close. I was particularly moved as a student by Andrew Boss, S.J., who taught in USF’s Department of Economics (my undergraduate degree). Fr. Boss years earlier had been a leading critic of Marxist influence on the San Francisco Labor Movement and helped found a labor movement that became the Catholic counterpoint. I came to value that form of scholarship: the Catholic counterpointRead More

  • Re: My October 6, 2020 letter to Jesuit High School. Sacramento (enclosed)



    I write in friendship.


    Reacting to information provided to me, I prepared and sent the attached to the Jesuit High School (Sacramento) Board of Trustees, as an alumnus, as a Jesuit-educated attorney, and as a longtime political and Catholic activist. I am a Democrat in the style and philosophy of President Kennedy’s Inaugural Address (January 201961), a tradition now entirely gone in the Democratic Party…Read More

  • Re: Errant Jesuits West website

    Attached please find my letter to the Jesuit High School Board of Trustees, dated October 6, 2020. I understand that a parent group also sent a letter to Jesuit the same day. This confluence brings me peace. How extraordinary of the Holy Spirit to separately motivate two such different forces to write letters that arrived on the same day. (I suspect that cynics won’t see the Holy Spirit. They’ll suspect a collaboration. Please do credit the Holy Spirit. It was not a collaboration.) I am please that the faithful are in rebellion. It is the fate we hope awaits all false teachings… Read More