The Reality of Equity


“Equity” moves a student through the system without ensuring mastery of literacy skills. “Equity” dismisses a mother’s concerns for her child because addressing those concerns would be an admission of failure on the part of the school system. “Equity” will move this student into middle school with only basic reading abilities because it would be “inequitable” to hold her back. (She asked for her to repeat 4th grade and was denied.) “Equity” is responsible for the tears this mother is shedding today. She can’t help her child because the public school system she was moved through handed her a piece of paper that meant nothing twenty years ago.

This mother may not have multiple college degrees, but she knows when her daughter needs help and she has asked those in a position to do so repeatedly without any response. This is reality for so many. Shouting “equity” from every podium, publication, and principal’s office means nothing if students are failing to gain the skills they need to succeed upon graduation.

It is time public schools get back to the business of #EducationNOTIndoctrination and stop wasting time, money, and resources on programs that have little evidence of improving student achievement. If our public schools refuse to listen and respond to parents like this mom, then it is time that our legislators expand #schoolchoice and fund students not systems.

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Beanie Geoghegan
Beanie Geoghegan
KY Chapter President at No Left Turn in Education | Website

I no longer teach in the classroom with my elementary and special education degrees, but I still consider myself an educator. I have used my passion for teaching raising my four children who are now young adults, as well as with the children I have volunteered my time with. I am currently using my skills to educate parents in Kentucky about the indoctrination happening in our public schools. I am thankful to have the support of my husband/high school sweetheart on this journey.

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