Don’t Let the Labels Stick

This was a popular book when my children were little. The first time I read it, I remember thinking what an important message it was for children and adults. The Wemmicks gave each other stickers based on talents or flaws. Some had a lot of stars and some had an abundance of gray dots. One had neither because they didn’t stick to her. She didn’t let them define her.
I used this book often with groups of students to reiterate that their value does not come from other people but from their Creator. It’s still a good message and more children need to hear it.
Today I’m sharing it with adults in mind. The adults (parents, grandparents, concerned citizens) who are being labeled as racist, white supremacist, bigots, homophobic, domestic terrorists, etc. simply for speaking up for quality education and speaking out against indoctrination. They are trying to put “stickers” on you hoping that others will judge you accordingly. Do not let them stick!
If you are any of those things, be better. There’s no room for any of it in a decent moral society. If you don’t fit those descriptions, keep your eye on the goal of this mission. They are hoping to intimidate us into silence and compliance so they can continue to infiltrate our schools with their agenda. We’ve come too far, learned too much, and have too much at stake to stop fighting and turn back now.
Teach your children and grandchildren, by your actions, that society does not get to define who we are. Let your words, deeds, and actions do that. That is the content of character we once heralded as valuable in our country. Keep fighting for #educationNOTindoctrination!

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Beanie Geoghegan
Beanie Geoghegan
KY Chapter President at No Left Turn in Education | Website

I no longer teach in the classroom with my elementary and special education degrees, but I still consider myself an educator. I have used my passion for teaching raising my four children who are now young adults, as well as with the children I have volunteered my time with. I am currently using my skills to educate parents in Kentucky about the indoctrination happening in our public schools. I am thankful to have the support of my husband/high school sweetheart on this journey.

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