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We Can Learn from Our Past, But We Should Not Live There


Not many of us can look back on our childhood, adolescent, or young adult years with zero regret. There were choices, actions, and thoughts along the way that we are not proud of. During those times, there might have been someone older and wiser counseling us and trying to guide us through. They might have tried to tell us our decisions were harmful, dangerous, or morally wrong. We didn’t listen. We were young, inexperienced, and foolish. So, we made mistakes and have regrets.

Hopefully, most of us are not paralyzed or haunted by those regrets on a daily basis, but motivated to be better based on our experience. After all, you cannot drive forward if you are always looking in the rear view mirror. It’s only there to check periodically. Hopefully, we use the wisdom gained from past mistakes to make better choices in our adult lives.

Our country is not so different. We are just barely in our “young adult” years as far as nations go. We made mistakes in our “youth”, despite warnings from wise counsel, and we carry regrets. We cannot live in that regret though. We need to use the wisdom gained from past mistakes to be better as a country and continue to perfect our great Union. Our nation cannot move forward if we continue to focus daily on the sins of our past.

Thankfully, I am not surrounded by people who remind me on a regular basis of my foolishness and errors as a young person. It would not be helpful or productive for my personal growth and improvement. Why then, do we think continuing to hammer the faults of our nation into our young people will be any different. We need to teach them how we overcame the problems of our early years. We need to teach them how, despite bad decisions and harmful behaviors, we persevered, learned, and became better. We need to teach them our past so it’s not repeated, but teach it in such a way that they are empowered, inspired, and encouraged to participate in, and continue, the great experiment we call the United States of America!

If our public schools, funded with our tax dollars, won’t do this, then parents and grandparents must. Reclaim responsibility for your children’s education! Their future and the future of our country depends upon them receiving #educationNOTindoctrination.

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Beanie Geoghegan
Beanie Geoghegan
KY Chapter President at No Left Turn in Education | Website

I no longer teach in the classroom with my elementary and special education degrees, but I still consider myself an educator. I have used my passion for teaching raising my four children who are now young adults, as well as with the children I have volunteered my time with. I am currently using my skills to educate parents in Kentucky about the indoctrination happening in our public schools. I am thankful to have the support of my husband/high school sweetheart on this journey.

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