In the Name of Equity


Our schools claim this is about “equity”. They say it is about “closing the gap”. Here is the problem, they are only prolonging the inequity that exists in the real world. No matter what they tell you, standards have been lowered. Criteria for getting into the Advanced Program and AP classes has changed. Expectations for those classes have been lowered (ask any honest teacher). So, the parents who can, have pulled their students out of public schools and opted for more rigorous private schools or homeschooling programs. There is significant evidence to show that students in a private or homeschool setting are going to acquire greater literacy and numeracy.

“In grades 4 and 8 for both reading and mathematics, students in private schools achieved at higher levels than students in public schools. The average difference in school means ranged from almost 8 points for grade 4 mathematics, to about 18 points for grade 8 reading. The average differences were all statistically significant. Adjusting the comparisons for student characteristics resulted in reductions in all four average differences of approximately 11 to 14 points.”


While homeschooling has exploded among the minority population in the past year and a half, the data doesn’t lie. Most homeschooled students are white. The average percent of minority students in private schools is 32%. (

So, what does this do for equity in the workforce upon graduation? It does not take a PhD to figure this out. The students who were able to attend private schools or be homeschooled generally will be more well-equipped than those students who attended public schools to compete for scholarships for higher education and for positions in the workforce. Now, this is not a blanket statement. I and my husband are products of public schools and we turned out okay (I think), however, much has changed since we graduated, and the standards are lower. I have seen evidence of this as a parent, volunteer, and employee in the public school system.

Back to equity. We hear a lot about inequities in the workplace. Please tell me how lowering standards and moving unprepared students through a broken system is going to help the inequities that currently exist. Please tell me how those students (regardless of race or ethnicity) who had no alternative other than the politically “woke” public school system, are going to compete on a level playing field with the students who were able to attend a private school or be homeschooled with a rigorous curriculum focused on academic achievement rather than social justice issues.

Regardless of your political leanings, you should be able to see how the billions of dollars being spent in the name of equity on programs with little to no evidence to support improved student achievement, will eventually fail to achieve the goal. Literacy, numeracy, high academic standards, discipline, and support will bring equity in our society at a much faster rate than the trendy programs being implemented in public schools across the country. The question is, how long will we allow our tax dollars to fund this broken system? And how long will we wring our hands before we say “enough” and we take control of our children’s education?

#EducationNOTindoctrination is the key to “closing the gap” and bringing true equity in our society. America, it is time to make it happen!

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Beanie Geoghegan
Beanie Geoghegan
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I no longer teach in the classroom with my elementary and special education degrees, but I still consider myself an educator. I have used my passion for teaching raising my four children who are now young adults, as well as with the children I have volunteered my time with. I am currently using my skills to educate parents in Kentucky about the indoctrination happening in our public schools. I am thankful to have the support of my husband/high school sweetheart on this journey.

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