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More on the ultra-woke GVHS librarian who should NOT be allowed near students...

Great Valley School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-05-20


Ms. Kelsey Bogan, Great Valley High School's ULTRA-WOKE librarian, apparently is beside herself about the SCOTUS leak regarding abortion and relayed her dismay to her Twitter followers on May 2. The picture of the tweet can be seen in the supporting documents below.

It says:
Kelsey Bogan: "As soon as ACB was put on the Supreme Court this was utterly inevitable & I tried to prepare for it but nothing prepares you for it and it's absolutely fucking crushing. I want to vomit & scream & burn this all down. It will be birth control & marriage equality next and very soon." (Sorry about the language but it's the exact words in the tweet!)

Unfortunately this politically-charged tweet can't impact her job since it was written on her own, non-school account, but it gives an insight into her extreme viewpoints and also filthy language. One also has to wonder what she wants to burn down. It should make every parent want to keep their children as far away as possible from this person whose salary is paid by taxpayers.

Ms. Bogan also has an "interesting" web site:

More information on this librarian (and be's upsetting) can be obtained from what's been reported to No Left Turn in Education. Take a look:

It's "interesting" that she doesn't want parents to help out in the library. (Easier to indoctrinate students that way!)

How this woman keeps her job is beyond me!

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Previous NLTE post on Kelsey Bogan


Support 2:

Kelsey Bogan web site


Support 3:

Screen shot of tweet