Indoctrination in Your State & District

More Evidence of Racist Indoctrination in Denver Public Schools

Denver County School District 1, Colorado

Submitted: 2021-09-03


Here are more documents from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We have a lot of them, and will continue to make updates to show you the full picture. It appears as though CRT indoctrination is ubiquitous throughout the district. Any highlights in the documents are my own.

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

DPS is requiring all LIFT Team members to take Equity Experience Training to identify their white privilege and what they are willing to give up to lessen the disadvantages of POC.


Support 2:

Slide 3 references white privilege, white supremacy culture, and tells educators that promoting colorblindness promotes inequity.


Support 3:

White Privilege Skills Outcomes