Re: Catholic primer for a scandalized laity



I will share a copy of this letter with all who seek a voice against socio-political arrogance disguised as Godly. I will remind them that we the laity have a duty to correct. I hope this letter will become their primer. I have drafted it with that in mind. Though I’m an attorney, I write as a Catholic layperson.


I am well-known to one of you. I have friends in common with all of you.


Right now I am very angry.


Each of your recent public statements about race and politics have been disastrous. Your comments have been non-theological and non-pastoral. You have not surrounded yourself with genuine diversity, seen in your failures to seek multiple perspectives. Thomas Sowell. Rapper Lil’ Wayne. Kanye West. Black Republicans, the original abolitionists. Morgan Freeman. Black cops. Black conservatives. Genuine Liberals. Where are they in any of your commentaries? I see only an echo chamber…Read More