Letter to Superintendent and Teacher

Dear Dr. Campisi and —-,


I was extremely disappointed tonight to not only hear that this highly controversial and opinion based book is the book that will will be taught for an entire unit and it doesn’t matter what parents have to say cause its been board approved. No discussion! We get to indoctrinate your child to believe in White privilege and Systematic racism whether you agree or not, and yes, they must comply or get a zero! To hear that the District policy is being addressed because even history textbooks are opinion is just garbage. No other texts are being presented, it is all one sided just like the panel tonight. Terrible teaching and zero critical thinking when only one view is presented and no other perspectives. These ideals are very liberal and controversial. In the very least, what is needed is to show opinions of those that do not agree with this narrative and then let the students decide. That’s called critical thinking! …Read More