Letter to Superintendent

October 11, 2020


Dear Dr. Campisi:


As you have now been made aware by several 8th grade parents, the remix book, “Stamped” by Jason Reynolds and adapted from Stamped from the Beginning by and with an introduction from Ibram X Kendi has been of major concern. Although I had heard the murmuring, I wanted to read this version myself and draw my own conclusions.


To say we are in a climate where race has been brought to the forefront is an understatement. Amidst the recent events that surrounded George Floyds death has created such. When it came to the horrific events of this man’s death and murder, I did not hear any race, nationality, creed or sex state that they did not vehemently disavow the behaviors of the four officers, who in fact represented a white, Hispanic, Asian and Black officer. I saw Americans united and in solidarity against what was done to George regardless of the facts surrounding the case that he was under the influence of drugs at the time. The actions of the knees on the back and neck by all four officers was considered unacceptable and America wanted justice…Read More