Response to Third Letter

October 19, 2020


Dear Mrs. Ferri:


I have reviewed your email communications to me from October 11, 2020, through October 18, 2020. You reference race being at the forefront of our current climate after the murder of George Floyd. However, I organized a group of volunteers to create a Cultural Proficiency and Equity Stakeholder Group in September of 2019. The district has been undertaking Equity work for well over a year since my appointment. The district has never condemned law enforcement in any communication to the community. We have, however, spent time looking at situations from multiple perspectives. The Equity work we are doing in the district is not anti-law enforcement or pushing any political agenda. I have done a plethora of Equity work in the past, so this is not the first time I have heard of Systemic Racism and White Privilege. I will agree with your statement that “There is racism that is against many nationalities and faith…”. At this time, we are using Stamped to look at systemic racism towards Black men and women…Read More