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Parents Silenced! Board Meeting Canceled "due to masks"


Submitted: 2021-09-10


Brandywine School District's August board meeting was canceled due to "people not wearing masks per the governor's mandate".  

This board meeting was off to an odd start from the beginning.   My first observation was that no board members were seated at the 7pm start time.  The public comment was also moved to the last item on the agenda, and possibly limited to only 30 minutes of public comment. There was also media present.

At 7:05pm, Superintendent Lincoln Hohler and Board President John Skrobot came out and personally addressed a small group of people in the front to please put on a mask.  2 people responded that they had a religious/medical exemption.  Hohler and Skrobot then left.  At no point was there ever an official announcement stating that a child was present, therefore masks must be worn or you must leave. At 7:45 Lincoln Hohler and John Skrobot re-entered the room and took their seats. They announced that due to people not complying with the governor's mask mandate, the board meeting will be canceled.  

This announcement was met with applause and cheers from one side of the room! released a deceptively edited video, cut to avoid showing the people cheering for the cancelation of the meeting - the same people who claim to be upset that they would have to now wait to receive information on school opening.

The reporting has been misleading and biased.
It makes one wonder if this was a deliberate attempt to suppress the voices of concerned BSD citizens.

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Photo of the local newspaper - made front page above the fold


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Photo of the local newspaper - made front page above the fold