Indoctrination in Your State & District

PSD wants to be able to teach the racially divisive Critical Race Theory!

Pittsburgh School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-11-24


Pittsburgh School District unanimously voted to DEFY a bill (HB1532) which was formulated by the PA State Legislature to stop the racial divisiveness created by the tenets of Critical Race Theory that are being taught in some schools today.


1. "HB 1532, would prohibit teaching 'racist and sexist concepts' in school districts, and is 'aimed at curtailing the divisive nature of concepts more commonly known as Critical Race Theory.' "

2. "Critical Race Theory further divides us by making the immutable traits of race and gender a prime factor in how we view others – exactly the opposite of Dr. [Martin Luther] King’s dream, according to a description of the legislation."

3. "Our legislation makes it clear that no Pennsylvania school district, public postsecondary institution, or state or local government entity shall teach that any race or sex is superior to another, that any individual based on their race or sex is inherently racist or sexist, or that any individual should receive favorable treatment or be discriminated against based on their race or sex."

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Story entitled: "Pennsylvania school district votes to defy law that would prohibit teaching any race is superior to another"