Indoctrination in Your State & District

Minority rules in GVSD! Transgenders are allowed to use the bathroom of their chosen identities. Forget the privacy rights of the majority!

Great Valley School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-09-17


A September 12, article in the Delaware Valley Journal described the outrage expressed by parents at the GVSD’s transgender bathroom policy. The article can be read in its entirety from the link in the Supporting Documents. Pertinent detailed quotes from that article are provided below:
 “Should girls who attend the Great Valley School District (GVSD) be forced to share bathrooms with boys who identify as girls? That is the district’s policy, and parents tell Delaware Valley Journal that they are outraged by it.
Hillary Schmid, whose daughter attends middle school in the district, emailed Superintendent Daniel Goffredo Ed.D. about the policy. She received a reply confirming students in kindergarten through high school ‘are allowed to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender identity they consistently assert at school. ‘I am disgusted by it,’ said Schmid, who said she planned to attend a board workshop meeting at Great Valley High School on Sept. 12 to speak out. ‘It’s about the safety of all children, not just mine.’
 Concerned parents say the potential problems are obvious. Schmid cites Louden County, Va., where a transgender student was convicted of raping a girl in a girls’ restroom at her school. The school in question had a similar policy to GVSD’s. The assailant pled no contest to a second sexual assault of a different girl in another girls’ restroom at another school. It was eventually discovered the school superintendent knew about the original sexual assault and attempted to cover it up. In an email to Goffredo and the GVSD school board, Schmid said, ‘The entire policy is nonsense. The students questioning his/her gender have not developed intellectually or emotionally to make such a life-changing decision. Is trigonometry taught to third graders….No, because it’s not developmentally appropriate. Are first graders expected to learn to reason through problems even in the absence of concrete events or examples? No, because they do not have the intellectual capability yet. The average age a female brain develops is 21 years old; the male brain at 25 years old. So what makes you think this Transgender Policy is applicable to children 5- 18 years old? This is developmentally incorrect and morally wrong.’
Schmid told DVJournal she could not believe the district was focused on this when so many students are behind in math and reading because of the pandemic school shutdowns. ‘I am so frustrated by this district,’ said Schmid. ‘It’s a social indoctrination school district just like so many public schools.’
Wendy Hunt, another parent, said she is concerned about her 9-year-old daughter attending Sugartown Elementary School. She suggested the girl, who is worried about boys going into the girls’ restroom with her, take a friend along. But Principal Kyle Hammond nixed that idea because it could affect another child’s academic progress, she said. He suggested that her daughter use a single-person restroom in the nurse’s office. But Hunt she said believed the transgender students should use that bathroom, not her daughter. She thinks the district is discriminating against her child. ‘Her privacy doesn’t matter?’ she asked. ‘They are discriminating against her for one or two individuals.’ When she told Hammond she wanted to keep her daughter safe, he responded, ‘All school policies protect all students.’ ‘I am disappointed and do not know what to do,’ said Hunt, who noted that the school board walks out on parents when they say things it does not like. She may sign her daughter up for karate to protect herself in the school restrooms.
 Several parents and residents spoke out at the meeting against permitting transgender students to use the same bathrooms as girls, but others were okay with that policy.
Wayne Dunlap told the board that the policy makes students less safe and mentioned the Loudon County incidents. Dunlap told the board that students exhibiting transgender behavior could suffer from mental illnesses.
‘Allowing a minority of transgender students to use whatever bathroom they prefer makes the majority unsafe,’ he said. ‘If you think it’s that needs to be done, I suggest you either build separate bathrooms for transgender students or allow them to use the staff or teachers’ facility. Your job is to protect the children. And I can tell you right now, if something happens to one of those children, you are singularly responsible, as individuals and school board members.’ “

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Article from Delaware Valley Journal entitled: "UPDATE: Parents Protest GVSD Transgender Bathroom Policy"