Indoctrination in Your State & District


Houston Independent School District, Texas

Submitted: 2022-07-13


Indoctrination has been a part of HISD agenda for some years. I have witness this first hand being a teacher in HISD. I have a few things to suggest you investigate.

1. Be aware that schools with SEL, Intervention, and Enrichment blocks are utilizing this scheduled time to indoctrinate students regarding gender and troublesome psychological issues (this can be just blatant male bashing, gender identity issues, or students experiencing mental problems. Yes, this is what the teacher, uncertified and untrained, is forced to do within their classrooms). Most schools will call this Enrichment time. A normal person thinks Enrichment with your Core teacher means you’re doing additional work in those subjects. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Parents aren’t being notified of any of this.

2. Counselors look for any student experiencing gender identity issues constantly while ignoring any other campus wide issues. Students are being removed from core classes daily so that student can “feel safe” regardless of that child’s education. Parents are not being notified of this.

3. School/District requiring teachers/staff to complete Professional Development outside of work hours and without pay. Each year the district requires certain PD be completed (I am not referring to the normal PD the school/district puts on with all personnel are on campus. I am referring to required online PD). Example: this year HISD requires 10 days of PD before students return. Out of those 10 days teachers only get 1 day where their schedule is not filled for them. On that one-day teachers must organize/decorate their room, put together and print a syllabus for each student, gather books for each student, gather technology, set up technology, submit 2 weeks lesson plan, set up their grade book, create/enter a BOY, and complete 15-25 hours of online PD. There are many other important items to complete but we are told to either stay after hours or come on the weekends. We are not compensated for this time.

4. Attendance: Many times, I’ve witness attendance changes. Students who have missed 30-40 days for school attendance is randomly corrected to missing 3-4 days. With this correction truancy issues do not occur.

5. Summer School: all students pass summer school regardless of grades and attendance. I was removed from the grade placement committee because I refused to sign off on students passing summer school when said students have clearly failed. They simply just got another teacher to sign.

6. Open communication: there isn’t a safe way for teachers to communicate regarding real issues in education. If such a site exists, I promise you teachers do not know. There is also the issue of possible retaliation. This also being up the issues of schools “in-housing” issues. A lot of things go unnoticed, unchecked, not reported, swiped under the rug, etc. This is even when teachers report issues. There doesn’t seem to be a check and balance system in place.