Indoctrination in Your State & District

Far Left Radical Superintendent Dr. Julie Vitale Secretly Imposes Hidden Agenda

Oceanside Unified School District, California

Submitted: 2022-07-10


California public schools top leadership are slowly implementing CRT, Restorative Justice, LGBTQ+, and other policies in the schools which is leading to the total distraction of students, staff, parents and the community without any oversight. As school staff and the site principals have no power to challenge the agenda. The majority of these policies or actions are approved over summer Board sessions when there is absolutely no attendance. This past school year began the process of no accountability for negative student behavior, record breaking attendance and failing grades, no discipline allowed to correct inappropriate behavior, and an Assembly Bill 104 ( which allowed thousands of high school seniors receive a diploma with just minimum standards met. Grad requires are 220 credits, AB 104 is only 130 credits. Any students who were in fights were no suspended. They had a short counseling moment and were returned to class. Some kids were suspended for 1 day because they were attempting to sell drugs and or brought a knife. At the end of the school year our administration team said that during our staff get together, they would be able to share advice and strategies that our surrounding school district have met this challenge. At the meeting the admin admitted that the other schools had no answers and wanted ideas they could use. Next year will be a disaster. I have the research, websites and data that shows the radical hidden agenda that will destroy these kids education, ruin teacher morale, and an large exit or retires of school staff. The pay for substitutes were doubled but very few staff absence spots get filled so admin and teachers on-campus fill in daily. Higher rate of staff are taking a leave of absence, using all sick pay, and stay in classroom entire day to avoid the unsafe campus. This radical agenda is happening in all schools in CA which will leave these kids far behind in life.

We hope as parents, students, and staff who have no voices request you use this to share with media, partners, legislative members, and others who are able to be a voice for us to stop this before it destroys the life of this generation of students, an exodus of school staff and leave parents out of touch.

It’s a hidden agenda that is being spearheaded by the Superintendent Julie A. Vitale Phd who is using Covid money for her own left wing progressive agenda who came out of the closet as a Lesbian and was named by the County of San Diego Education Board award her Equity Champion of the Year.

Websites on Superintendent Julie Vitale

Schools in California are pushing all kinds of radical agendas, spending millions, and are keeping it hidden from parents. Major Failure and no impact on student growth.

Effects of New Radical Agenda:
>Out of control attendance absences, tardies
>Elimination of student discipline and replaced with Restorative Justice Counseling that has not been implemented yet. Students meet with administration and returned to class (fights, vaping, clothing, attendance)
>State and district policy that any discipline is a form of punishment that is a direct link/ pipeline to prison which keeps staff and principals with no alternative to correct inappropriate behaviors
>Early retirement of school staff
>Large Absences, leaves of staff for mental health relief
>Low staff morale
<teachers hide in classes to avoid dangerous campus
>Security low morale and have been stripped of all authority (job: watch, listen, take notes, do not engage and report)
>Increased number of temporary, unqualified teachers/substitutes hired to teach full year programs
>Unsafe campus
>Parents keep kids at home do to fear of unsafe environment
>CRT, DEI, and LGBTQ+ integrated into curriculum, forced on staff, and causing negative impact on all schools.
>High failure rate of students
>Board of Education passed to eliminate homework policy so students can turn in assignments, projects or take tests with no accountability.
<And more…

Oceanside, CA with a student demographics of 60% hispanic, 26% white, 4% Asian, 4.5% black, 2% Polynesian, 1% Native Hawaiian, Native American and Native Alaskan Indians but our Super and Board hired a newly formed radical CRT non-profit agency called Epoch Education to do an Equity Audit for a payment of over $90,000. It was approved during summer board session when it can be slipped through in 2020. In 2019, board approved a new department call DEI with close to $1 million staffing support to just be a front with no real impact on students. Lastly, this summer the district is investing $2 million with an outside firm to bring Restorative Justice. I’ll include my own investigation. Maybe this is something you can look into and share with media or policy makers who will make this transparent.

I need to stay anonymous as I am a single income family with wife and several children. California is a difficult place to live but no options for us because I have so many years and would lose income level. I can continue to provide updates or feedback though.

I see California schools falling apart due to district and state level leaders who are installing policies with no real insight to the impact to the students. We will lose a generation of kids and see them struggle throughout their life due to low standards and learned behavior of no accountability.


Research/websites/data that display this Radical Agenda

Oceanside CA School District Hidden Agenda Installed by Board of Ed and Superintendent

Based on the book “Let’s Talk About Race” By Nancy A Dome
Main Strategy: Recognize, Interrupt, Repair (RIR)
*Strategy is stolen/borrowed from Autism Training (see website)
- [ ]

- [x] Total Investment: $2,017,832

- [x] Discretionary Funds selected by administration - $ cost unknown

New Student Services Department Set up by Board of Ed

Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
- [x] Director Dr. Jordy Sparks
Total Compensation: $202,622 (2020)
- [x] Coordinator Myeshia Whigham
Total Compensation $142,925 (2019)
- [x] TOSA - Deb Wickman
Total Compensation $153,351 (2020)
- [x] Admin Secretary II Adriane Vermillion
Total Compensation $108,157 (2020)
- [x] Admin Secretary I Sheila Goldsberry
Total Compensation $81,040 (2020)
- [x] Extended Day Liaison Marisa Crawford
Total Compensation $74,911 (2020)

Responsibilities Include:
- [ ] Foster Youth
- [ ] Transitional Youth Assistance
- [ ] Before/After School Programs
- [ ] Support students who are LGBTQ+
- [ ] Support Epoch Education

- [x] OUSD Student Demographics
21.4% White
4.1% Black
4.5% Asian
60.4% Hispanic
.3% Native American or Alaskan Indian
1.9% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

- [x] Programs, Outside Agencies, Support Groups, Professional Development and Resolutions.

Restorative Practice Training
Cost $5,000
- [ ]$file/7-20-2021%20MOU%20RP%20Services%20OUSD%202021.22.pdf

Restorative Justice Program
Total Investment $1,125,000
- [ ]$file/Transformational%20Consulting%20Proposal%202022-2024%20Contract.docx-converted%20(1).pdf

Epoch Ed. to Conduct an Equity Audit About Us
- [ ]
Total Investment $90,000
- [ ]$file/6-22-21%20Epoch%20Education_OUSD%20Agreemt%202021-2022_part%20executed.pdf

Restorative Practices
Total Investment $unknown
500 educators trained in this model to address the intersection between bias, expectations, and student discipline

North County LGBTQ+ Center
Professional Learning 2019
OUSD Leadership Experience
Total Investment $ unknown

Glensen for Administrators & Counselors
60 plus participants
Total Investment $ unknown
- [ ]

Anti-Racism, Equity, and Justice Toolkit
For Administration
Total Investment $ unknown
- [ ]

SDCOE Equity Conference
Participants: 175
Total Investment $200 per person
- [ ]

Unconscious & Implicit Bias Workshop
A select committee of 40 district volunteer staff received and then instruct training to other participants.
Other Participants: All District certificated and Classified Staff
Total Investment $ Unknown

Total Cost to Implement programs
- [ ] Known - $

OUSD Board of Education Values
- [x] Every student receives the academic, social, and emotional support needed to thrive. Resources are allocated to address achievement and opportunity gaps.
- [x] Our learning community’s diverse cultural experiences and intellectual variance drives our collective and individual success.

As you review the resolutions it will become aware to you that some student groups are more supported than others. The question is why only specific student groups are honored. Support of BLM and LGBTQ+. Possibly has to do with George Floyd and Superintendent announcement that she is gay and received the San Diego County Office of Education Equity Champion Award (2021).

Resolution #50 LGBTQ+ Pride Month
- [ ]$file/Resoultion%20No.%2038%20-%20Juneteenth.pdf

Resolution #38 Juneteenth Day
- [ ]$file/Resoultion%20No.%2038%20-%20Juneteenth.pdf

Resolution on Gender Identity
- [ ]

Resolution #5 Safe Haven
- [ ]

Resolution #31 Black Lives Matter
- [ ]

Resolution #39 Asian Americans
- [ ]$file/05-11-21%20-%20Asian%20American%20and%20Pacific%20Islander%20Heritage%20Month%20Resolution.pdf

Proclamation for Hispanic Month
- [ ]$file/Hispanic%20Heritage%20Month%20Proclamation-ENG.pdf

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Restorative Justice Firm