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Parents Torch School Board Over ‘Pornographic,’ ‘Marxist’ 12th-Grade English Novels

Rapid City School District 51-4, South Dakota

Submitted: 2022-05-09


South Dakota parents slammed their local school board Tuesday over novels they deemed “pornographic,” “Marxist propaganda,” Fox News reported Friday.

“It is Marxist propaganda,” Florence Thomas, the president of South Dakota Parents Involved in Education, said during public comment. “It is designed to divide the kids from their parents, divide the kids from their country, divide the kids from their culture and even in many cases, divide them from their very selves.”

“The professional judgment of the staff on district committees is trusted by the Board to be in the best interest of the greatest number of students and age appropriate, hence the course and books were approved last year,” Rapid City Area Schools told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “We are saddened to have this trust diminished by the decision to include these books in the recommended material.”

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