Indoctrination in Your State & District

My first experience speaking at the DPS Public Comment Session

Denver County School District 1, Colorado

Submitted: 2021-12-22


It's clear that I went into this blind as a bat. I thought I would have my three minutes to share my concerns to a group of adults (school board) who would reach out to me for a conversation. Instead I was smeared on the schools social media outlets and labeled a Bigot by a school board member. (article below)

I continued speaking at every board meeting once I found NLTE. I've spoken up about segregated "lunch bunches" and "focus groups". As well as the segregated "playground nights" only to be ignored. (article below)

Our new school board members are all Union picked which means our board is now Union run. This is a tragedy for DPS, but until more parents speak up and see the wrongs of what's happening in the schools, things will only get worse.