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Affinity Groups


Submitted: 2021-11-24


A Message from Head of School Amy L. Clemons, PA'19

Greetings Woodlynde Parents and Guardians!

It's hard to believe that we're already nearing the halfway point in November and quickly approaching the holiday season. This fall at Woodlynde School has been wonderful, especially with so many of our activities back in action—successful fall athletics, clubs, L.E.A.D. activities and trips, and our first school performance since the onset of the pandemic coming up next week. The joy that these opportunities bring to our students, the confidence they cultivate, the belonging they foster, the growth they nourish: It instills a sense of hope to know that things are returning to normal. We know students flourish in a community that provides them with these kind of outlets for social and emotional growth, and it's been so gratifying to see Woodlynde alive in the way that it's been these past few months.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I feel especially grateful for the dedication of our amazing Woodlynde colleagues who provide these opportunities for our students. Their commitment to the wellbeing of our students in the classroom and beyond speaks to the intentionality they bring to the work of integrating social-emotional learning into academic and co-curricular endeavors.

Our division head newsletters will return next Friday, but for now I wanted to share a few important updates with you myself.
Affinity Groups
Furthering Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Another opportunity to offer students moments to find belonging and community comes as part of our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Woodlynde School. We are pleased to share that we are beginning a number of affinity groups for students in each of the three divisions. These groups include our DEI Club and Gender/Sexuality Association as well as affinity groups for Jewish , BIPOC, Adopted, and Female-Identifying students. More will be added in the future, especially as we work to meet the wants and needs of our students. This initiative comes directly from the Equity Audit that we completed last year with Dr. Valaida Wise.

An affinity group is a meeting for people who share a common identity. Although members of the group may share one or more identities—such as race or gender—every person’s life experience is unique. In their affinity group, students will have the opportunity to communicate about topics unique and personal to their shared identity, as well as learn from their groupmates who may have identities different from their own. The goal of an affinity group is to offer a safe space for positive identity exploration, reflection, and support. We are starting affinity groups based on the interests and needs of our students and are excited to provide this important opportunity to deepen connections and a sense of belonging within the larger Woodlynde community.