Indoctrination in Your State & District

Things on the walls at my Elementary School


Submitted: 2021-10-15



I am a teacher and concerned parent in the Ladue School District located near St. Louis, MO. There has been accelerated push toward CRT in my district in the past couple of years. the district call it "DEI" but its CRT covered in a nicely worded sheet. WE are in encouraged to attend these diversity meetings and read the book, but a lot of the authors (Example: Corniealus Minor) are very questionable at best. When I look at their social media feeds there are plenty of likes and retweets from people that do not seem to like white people very much or America at all. I am very concerned. I included a poster that was hung up in my elementary school that I taught at last year and very concern by the wording that was presented on it. These words are not encouraging or kind.

I am not sure if the parents are aware of this stuff going on in our schools, because my district while open to students we do not allow any sort of parent volunteers in the schools. I am not sure what to do. Any help or encouragement would be useful.


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Post on the wall of my k-4 school promoting Blk History Month