Indoctrination in Your State & District

Worldview deconstruction

Oldham County School District, Kentucky

Submitted: 2021-09-25


My edited comments about the curriculum to my school board including assignment links.

. . . I saw my son’s curriculum extend to a systematic dismantling of the traditional and Christian worldview we taught him to embrace and I would like to quickly demonstrate that in 4 assignments required of the students.
Assignment one was the story, “Bloodchild” by Octavia Butler. While most of us in the county would recognize bringing a child into the world as a wonderful and miraculous event, this assignment is an attack on the most important social structure in humanity, the family. Rather than viewing childbearing and new life as a beautiful event, this author portrays it in an oppressive and domineering manner. One literary professor, describes the story this way, “in this short story . . . the conventional adolescent male narrator/hero is punished by rape, incest, reproductive exploitation by the dominant race, and anticipation of a painful caesarean birth - and he is expected to like it, as women in many cultures have been expected to comply with their oppression.” An amazing and beautiful event that unites men and women is being used to pit them against each other. Dismantling the family structure is the first step in deconstructing a worldview. (Read the story at Bloodchild by Octavia Butler:https://
Another assignment in the curriculum is about a girl alone at home. She recognizes her vulnerability and takes precautions to protect herself. However a car full of boys drives

into the driveway. It is clear that the girl wants nothing to do with the boys and she resists them with all diligence. But one boy in particular is relentless in harassing, threatening, manipulating and bullying her until he ultimately gets her in the car and drives off. This as nothing less than a precursor to human trafficking. It communicates to the young women in the class that there is no use in trying to resist the advances of a boy and it communicates to the young men to exploit and relentlessly harass the woman until he gets what he wants. This is a destruction of morality and respectful treatment of women and more broadly all humanity. This is step 2 in the dismantling of a positive worldview. (Read the story at: Where are you Going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates: WhereAreYouGoing.htm)

Another assignment in this curriculum was a video that culminated in telling the students that “we should all be Marxists” and not only should they be Marxists but they would work to achieve Marxism in society. This tears apart the fabric of this nation that has made it not only the most prosperous in the world but also the nation that comes to the aid of the rest of the world and has brought medicines, food and technology to people in desperate need around the world. Instead, Oldham County Schools is promoting a theory and practice that has literally killed over 100 million people and has been an abject disaster each time it has been tried. It is a fundamental destruction of the fabric of this nation. Step three in a radical worldview change. (Watch the video at: Political Theory: Karl Marx:

Finally, in a show of utter contempt, the adopters of this curriculum make their intentions unmistakable. One of the most prolific archetypes used in literature is the Christ figure. You can Google “well known Christ figure” and there are numerous, very good examples. What you will not find however in those Google results is the obscure example used in the Oldham County classroom. The curriculum in Oldham County used Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” as an example of a Christ figure. In this story a dutiful and benevolent son one night inexplicably turns into a giant cockroach and his family locks him away until he finally dies at which time they find great relief. So as many of us in this community revere Christ as the savior of humanity, He is being likened in the Oldham County Schools to a giant cockroach whose death was (or is) a relief to everyone around. This is the last step I will bring today in the systematic destruction of the worldview of children in this County. (Read the story at Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka:

In summary, our children are being poisoned by the curriculum in the county. My time is expired but I implore this board to relentlessly root out this poison that is being fed to our children in this school system. And for those educators in the room I ask that you stand for our students and for what is right and true.
My preference is not to be here today speaking. However, I am compelled because I am complicit in this curriculum not only by funding it with my tax dollars but with my complacency and silence. Deitrich Bonhoeffer said, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act.” Jesus said, “But whoever causes one of thee little ones who believe in me to fall away-it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea.’ Matt 18:16. Make no mistake, this is what is happening right now in our schools and it is happening on our watch. I for one am not willing for this to continue.