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Hopewell Middle School - 8th Grade ELA Politically Controversial Article

Fulton County School District, Georgia

Submitted: 2021-08-15


Fall 2020 at Hopewell Middle School - my son's 8th grade ELA teacher distributed the attached article which I found very political. Again this violated the Fulton County IKB Policy. I escalated the article to the principal and then to the District 2 Board Rep and District 2 Superintendent. The Newsla AOC/Omar article could not be more controversial right now. It was totally funded by 1 political organization (Democratic Party) and tried to position those 2 ladies as role models. In my opinion it was very manipulative/one-sided obviously favoring the left. I also strongly felt this game the kids were encouraged to play fostered kids to learn about and engage in a police-state mentality.

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Among Us Game/AOC Article