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Cambridge High School - 9th On Level ELA -Teacher suggested in appropriate book

Fulton County School District, Georgia

Submitted: 2021-08-15


First week of school at Cambridge High School Aug 2021 - My son's 9th grade on level ELA sends a letter out discussing how she will be encouraging kids to read more for homework as opposed to watching tv. Great! All for that. Her recommended reading was Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult. This book was in our No Left Turn in Education Obscenity Presentation to the Fulton County BOE in April 2021! This book contains sexually explicit content not age appropriate from my son. I am appalled this teacher would suggest this book. Further in her letter she stated that she realized we all have different values/principals and she respected parents. Really? Then why on earth would you suggest such garbage? The obscenity law in GA has a loophole for public and school libraries. It DOES NOT have a loophole for classroom libraries. She also stated we should trust our youth to make their own reading selections. Really, when 4 or 5 out of the books in the public libraries are focused on sexually graphic content and CRT? I have emailed this teacher requesting all of the required reading for the semester and the standards in which they apply. I've also informed this teacher my son will be reading classical literature that we will select. His first book will be Animal Farm followed by 1984! I will be seeking an appeal to get Nineteen Minutes removed from the classroom library.