Indoctrination in Your State & District

Georgia Dept of Behavioral Health and CRT


Submitted: 2021-08-15


In working a GA Dept of Education issue, I learned that the GA Dept of Behavioral Health had emailed an invitation to attend "Anti Racist" training and this invitation was received by a State School Board member. Through open records requests, I found that the invitation to this training was sent to 18,000 people in the state of Georgia, including state employees, state legislators, state school board members--any state employee, as well as other "stakeholders."
As GA's Governor Kemp has denounced CRT and issued a resolution opposing its premise and tenets, I contacted his office through his Education Policy Advisor, Miranda Williams. I explained that despite the Governor's Resolution, his own state agency was promoting and holding CRT-based sessions--right under his nose. Miranda stated she would get this info to the right person.
On 8/13/21, Miranda called to state that nothing could be done regarding the past sessions, but that going forward the Dept of Behavioral Health "has been talked to about inappropriate trainings and this won't happen again." A win!!!!