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Monticello School District Drops Bank Street but hires an Equity officer.

New York

Submitted: 2021-08-15


The Monticello School District in Sullivan County New York has spent 153,000 dollars for a collaboration with Bank Street. The district has canceled the partnership but will follow the New York State Board of Education DCIP (District Comprehensive Improvement Plan). The district has recently hired a hundred thousand dollar salaried equity person. The plan states off the district's website, priority 1. " Create a system that provides targeted social and emotional learning supports that addresses student needs. 2. Increase training on diversity, equity and inclusivity. 3. Engage in family engagement opportunities that empower parents and caregivers to be our most powerful partners. 4. Deliver strong inquiry-based instruction and increased academic interventions both in and out of school."

The plan is filled with CRT code for instance, "SEL is essential to creating schools that effectively prepare (ALL) students to succeed in school and in life. Strong inquiry-based instruction means teachers acting as untrained psychologists giving surveys on emotional status filed under the educational purview of the students emotional record. Understand and manage emotions, systemic whole school implementation of SEL, etc. Questionable assurances like " Research indicates school based SEL programs result in better academic performance, improved attitudes and behaviors, and reduced emotional distress." Mood meters in 75% of the classrooms.
Priority 2. Increased training on diversity, equity and inclusivity.
Prioirity four is left optional for the district to adopt.

The Monticello School District is taking its clue from the Buffalo School District which has seen a dismal failure in Buffalo Schools academically using this CRT American Marxist ideology.

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