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Brophy College Prep has turned left


Submitted: 2021-08-07


Brophy holds a "Summit on Human Dignity" every year, which models colleges and universities. The 2021 summit was on Racism. Ibram X. Kendi presented at the summit, although his name does not appear in the curriculum.

This year the school has adopted several statements. Here is just 1 of 8 "Guidelines to Having Meaningful Conversations About Race at Brophy".

"Acknowledge your privilege.
Privilege, loosely defined, is any unmerited or unearned advantage. In that sense, we all have experienced privilege. Part of the privilege associated with whiteness is the luxury of not having to consider one’s own race — let alone the disadvantages faced by many people of color. John Powell hits the nail on the head when he says, “The slick thing about whiteness is that you can reap the benefits of a racist society without personally being racist.”. Understanding this privilege may equip you to help amplify the voices of those who face racial inequality."

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Website on the Brophy 2021 summit, Challenging Racism.


Support 2:

Brophy's 8 key points about conversations students should be having about racism.


Support 3:

Brophy Strategic Plan for Institutional Commitment to Anti-Racism.