Speech and Letter to SB


It is the responsibility of a school district to provide an education that matches and enhances every student’s unique talents and abilities.  Using “equity” for course placements can create problems for those in all ranges of the academic spectrum.    The outcome of admitting unqualified students into upper level classes on the basis of “equity” is predictable…

  • Most will struggle, resulting in a loss in self-esteem.
  • Course content will ultimately be diluted and academic integrity compromised.
  • Qualified students will be prevented from attaining their maximum potential.

Placement in upper level courses should require student evaluations based on their past performance in related courses, their potential to succeed, and their work ethic.  Race and sex are irrelevant!  Highly qualified and competent counselors, in consultation with knowledgeable teachers, can assess students’ abilities in this regard.  Using “equity” as the sole criterion for admittance into upper level classes is educationally unsound. As a retired college teacher I have always supported public education and have never objected to reasonable school tax increases as long as academics is a top priority.  Considering the excessive resources that West Chester currently dedicates to “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” this no longer seems to be the case.  I suggest that you redirect the time and money you are spending on DEI initiatives into more productive and academically-oriented areas. One suggestion would be to hire additional counselors and support them with supplementary training.  It is not acceptable to waste taxpayer dollars on social engineering.
Academics must be your top priority