Back to the Schoolhouse


Mission Statement

To engage, educate and empower  K-12 teachers to take action in their local and state schools to preserve classical education while respecting the parent as the primary custodian and authority of their child.

Who We Are

Back to the Schoolhouse is a national grassroots movement of teachers from varied backgrounds who have a strong appreciation for classical education and a deep love for America’s founding principles.  We strive for academic excellence in an educational environment free from indoctrination that permits every student to reach their fullest potential.  

Our Objectives

1. Support like-minded teachers with resources, training and content relevant to a classroom focused on classical education

2. Connect teachers with educational experts & legal resources who support our mission

3. Conduct deep dive trainings on relevant topics

4. Provide a private & secure networking platform for like-minded teachers 

5. Restore trust and build supportive relationships between parents and teachers


Holly Terei

Holly Terei

NLTE National Director of Teacher Coalition

Holly Terei is the National Director of No Left Turn in Education’s (NLTE) Teacher Coalition, serves on the Georgia NLTE Leadership Team, and is the Gwinnett County, GA Chapter Lead. Holly is an accomplished writer, speaker, a passionate advocate for children with special needs, and a devoted wife and mother of four. Holly routinely appears on national media, shedding light on the need for education choice and advocating for parental rights. Holly’s hope is to see teachers and parents working together to push against the progressive woke agenda that has infiltrated America’s public schools.

Ted Lamb

Ted Lamb

Founder, Conservative Teachers of America

Ted Lamb is a career educator. He has taught students in Europe and Asia as a conversational English teacher and students with special needs in Ohio and the Hampton Roads area for the past 19 years. Mr. Lamb believes that education is a lifelong endeavor and that it is that students learn how to think as opposed to just learning knowledge. In 2009, for his efforts to serve his community in which he lives, Mr. Lamb received the Hampton Roads Volunteer Achievement Award. Mr. Lamb received his B.S.E. in Social Studies Education from Oklahoma Christian University in 1996 and his M.S.E. degree from Bowling Green State University in 2003. Mr. Lamb served two terms on the Portsmouth VA school board. His experience as a school board member really opened his eyes to the philosophies, spending habits, and bureaucracy of the public education system. Mr. Lamb believes parents, students, volunteers, and teachers are partners in a child's education. As a School Board member, he worked hard for the citizens of Portsmouth to ascertain the best education opportunities for all students by utilizing all available resources possible. Mr. Lamb has been married for 26 years and has two children.

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