Rhode Island Bill 7538


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No Left Turn in Education Slams Anti-Parent Bill in Rhode Island Legislature

No Left Turn in Education today denounced the anti-parent bill in Rhode Island that would deter children’s objective thinking and silence parents. 

Under House Bill 7538, any parent who questions what a teacher is doing could be deemed “uncivil” and thus be ignored by the school. Teachers would be allowed to pack their lessons with their own political opinions, making all manner of radical ideology fair game to be taught in the classroom. This bill grants teachers a broad and vague authority to punish students who go against their political ideology.

“This bill would allow teachers to indoctrinate children without repercussions and denies parents their fundamental right to petition the government,” said Dr. Elana Yaron Fishbein, founder of No Left Turn in Education. “No Left Turn is calling on every Rhode Island legislator to reject this authoritarian proposal.”