No Left Turn in Education Demands Answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland on Pornographic Content in Schools


April 5, 2022 — No Left Turn in Education (NLTE) announced it has issued a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland reiterating our demand that he investigate the epidemic of pornographic content in schools and enforce the laws that protect minors from such material.

Today marks 90 days since A.G. Garland was informed by letter from NLTE Founder and President Elana Fishbein, that K-12 schools throughout the country are sexualizing children through the use of pornographic material. He has not responded, even though it took him only five days to respond to the National School Board Association’s letter that smeared concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Dr. Fishbein writes, “Must we now advise our national constituency of concerned parents that you, as Attorney General of the United States, not only approve and support dissemination of these materials, but will also allow to remain in place your threat to use the Federal Bureau of Investigation to track down parents and caregivers who complain?”

The letter states, “Concerned parents around the country – by international, federal, and even canon law – deserve to know and understand whether the Department by its current inaction is actually declaring a de facto repeal of applicable laws designed for the protection of minors.”

By refusing to enforce the law, Garland’s Department of Justice is complicit in the continued sexualization of children. NLTE will not tolerate his complacency.