Dear Dr. Campisi,

I need to address your comments below. I have never stated in any of my communications that you have condemned law enforcement. I stated that much of this media regarding white police officers being a danger to black men has been spurred by the recent events of George Floyd as we have seen with the nationwide protests and riots. I have heard nothing of your, “Cultural Proficiency and Equity Stakeholder Group”, prior to hearing about this book being board approved without parents knowledge and an entire unit taught to the 8th grade class of this book alone without any opposing view. My issue is that the idea and narrative of White privilege and Systemic Racism is being taught as fact when the fact is that this is not only controversial but there are many opposing views to its existence in today’s society.

Myself and many others are opposed to teaching that this exists as a fact. I have cited many texts and material in recent communications you that in our current society we do not have Systemic or Institutionalized racism. We have seen a Black man serve as president for two terms and have had a Black man serve as a Supreme Court justice along with many other high ranking positions. Such would be impossible in an Institutional racist society. This view is not given to the students. You state in your letter below that, Stamped, is the opposing view. The opposing view to what? This is the only literary work being given to the students! You are not following your District policy and to show only one book and view is going against your policy.
You also state that you cannot show Candace Owen’s book, Blackout, because she is not an author. I am not sure how you define author but according to the Webster dictionary, an author is, 1 : the writer of a literary work (such as a book) a famous author; 2: one that originates or creates something : SOURCE. You can find her book on Amazon: and according to Wikipedia: Candace Amber Owens Farmer[2] (née Owens; born April 29, 1989) is an American conservative author, commentator, and political activist.

If your instruction as you state is not to indoctrinate the students then you should be providing other texts/works that do not agree with the idea or narrative that Systemic racism or White privilege exists today. That is how you allow students to critically think and not by teaching only one text with one opinion and view!

You state that you will show other groups that are marginalized. Once again, this is an idea/opinion. Although Italians faced much racism and were even lynched along with atrocities against other religions and nationalities such as the Jews; myself and others do not feel they cannot achieve in today’s society and are marginalized. What I tell my son is that he lives in the greatest country in the world, where there is no class or caste system and he can achieve and become anything he wants to become. This is what should be taught! Where is patriotism to this country taught? Only that this is a horrible racist founded nation and still is today as per your book!
When I posed the question to your panel at the Town hall asking, “if America is racist and does not offer Blacks and other minorities opportunities, tell me which county offers more opportunity than the US for education, home and business ownership.” Not one person on your panel could answer the question, including yourself. Why? The reason is because no other country offering more doesn’t exist and hence why the United States welcomes over 1 million legal immigrants a year! The fact is that America offers more opportunity for all nationalities and skin color than any other country in the world and that is why other countries come knocking to get in! That is a fact. This is what should be taught. The fact that America had slavery and racism and has come along way to the point that we had a black man serve as the President of the United States for two terms and we have created laws to fight against racism so that those of color can obtain such positions and have equal opportunity to educate and own homes and businesses. This is the truth. To teach students White privilege is to push White guilt. I read the book, Stamped, and in my opinion, it gives a grim picture of the United States and makes one feel bad and guilty that they have the skin color of those that imposed slavery in the past. This not only does a great injustice for the White students of various nationalities and might I add lumped into one, “White”, category, but to then tell the students of color that the White color is supreme and they have more privilege/opportunity in this country due to the color of their skin, implies they cannot achieve the same in this country. It’s truly a sad narrative and horrific message.

I have now read several of your communications and realize that you are not going to adhere to your district police for Resource Materials nor show any opposing views. Therefore, myself and other 8th grade parents will be sharing amongst ourselves and will have to educate our children on such. This is why, “School Choice”, has become such a strong need for parents that want to have the choice to send their children to get the education they feel is needed and not indoctrinated by the public school system that has failed their children. I have listed a few of the opposing views if you at some point feel you should not only follow district policy but care to create a student body of, “free thinkers”.


Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation by Candace Owens

White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era by Shelby Steele

Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed by Jason L. Riley

The Details They Don’t Teach You In School (Pt.3) | Candace Owens –

Liberals and white privilege – (Report says Harvard’s Kennedy School adds privilege-checking to new-student orientation)

What Happened After I Was Accused of White Privilege| David Webb –

Where’s the Proof of Systemic Racism? | Larry Elder –

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Patricia R. Ferri