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Read the chronology of how the ultra-woke WCASD school board shamefully voted 8-1 to keep the indisputably pornographic book Gender Queer in their high school libraries.

West Chester Area School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2023-02-03


GENDER QUEER SYNOPSIS: Gender Queer is “a graphic biography of a young female who wants to be male, but has to figure out how to incorporate her female body into that fantasy. It has depictions of her masturbating while pretending to be male and imagining she has a penis that's receiving oral sex. It includes images of male homosexual behavior, which this young female wants to be a part of.”
Some of the objectionable images can be viewed in Supporting Document #1 below. Warning! They are X-rated!

GENDER QUEER AND THE WCASD: A WCASD resident (Mr. C.M.) photocopied graphic (pornographic) images from the book Gender Queer and, during its 10/25/2021 school board meeting, asked the board whether this book was in WCASD’s high school libraries. Initially, the board president vehemently denied that such was the case; however, upon further investigation, Gender Queer was indeed determined to be on the shelves of at least two of the three WCASD high school libraries. A Review Committee was formed to determine whether this pornographic book should be accessible to minors in WCASD’s taxpayer-funded school libraries.

A NINE-PAGE DETAILED CHRONOLOGY of the situation regarding Gender Queer in the WCASD can be read in its entirety in Supporting Document #2 below.


1. Although vehemently denied by the one school board member who was a member of the Committee, the Review Committee was unquestionably “STACKED” with members who would vote in favor of the WCASD’s desired outcome – i.e., to retain this pornographic book in their high school libraries.

EXAMPLES OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Of only 16 voting members…there was W.H. (a trans-male who indicated publicly that reading Gender Queer saved “his” life); Ms. H. (W.H.’s mother, who was one of two parents selected); D.M. (who was one of two community members selected and who said that not keeping Gender Queer in the school libraries would be an “ACT OF VIOLENCE!”); TEN educators (all of whom were WCASD employees, and most, if not all of whom undoubtedly support DEI initiatives which would result in a vote for retention).
Additional details on WCASD’s Committee selection that ensured their desired outcome is documented in Supporting Document #3 below.

2. Dr. Kalia Reynolds, WCASD’s Assistant Superintendent and the Chair of the Review Committee, presented the Committee’s numerous hollow and indefensible rationalizations for retaining Gender Queer to the School Board at its 3/28/2022 meeting. Just three of the Committee’s rationalizations that clearly indicate their warped reasoning are listed below:
Reason 1: “We should have books that reflect the experiences of our LGBTQ+ students.” (GRAPHIC HOMOSEXUAL SEX EXPERIENCES???)
Reason 2: “It was also noted (that) nude images in art books are also considered appropriate.” (THIS IS NOT AN ART BOOK!)
Reason 3:“There are images that could be viewed as explicit but in context of the memoir they are not pornographic.” (WHY???)

ALL of the Committee’s specious reasons for keeping Gender Queer in WCASD’s high school libraries and also counterarguments to them can be read in Supporting Document #4 below.

3. One Committee member who was opposed to having Gender Queer in the WCASD high school libraries noted her extreme dissatisfaction with the Committee’s procedures, biases and operations. She stated: “This was a very poorly run meeting with a clear agenda to rush this book through the Committee and recommend it to the board for approval. Indeed, the last item on the circulated agenda was ‘CONFIRM RECOMMENDATION’ – and this was BEFORE the Committee met…and that, my friends, was the intention all along, wasn’t it?”
Documentation of her reasons can be read in Supporting Document #5 below.

END RESULT: Since the member selection had predetermined its decision from the get-go, it was not surprising that an overwhelming majority (> 80%) of the Review Committee voted anonymously to recommend keeping Gender Queer on the library shelves of WCASD’s high school libraries. The Committee presented this recommendation to the WCASD School Board on March 28, 2022 in an extremely contentious meeting during which numerous LGBTQ students and their allies spoke and vilified those who objected to this pornographic book, accusing them of being homophobes, transphobes and other pejoratives. (This is CATEGORICALLY FALSE since analogous pornographic heterosexual images would have been just as objectionable to Gender Queer's opponents!)

Each of the board members and Superintendent Sokolowski noted their opinions regarding the retention of Gender Queer. Although in October of 2021 Superintendent Sokolowski had originally expressed concerns about Gender Queer's pornographic content, he articulated strong support for keeping the book in WCASD’s high school libraries at the March 2022 meeting. Eight of the nine board members concurred with the Committee’s recommendation to retain the book on WCASD's HS library shelves where it now is readily accessible to minor students.


1. Complete YouTube video of > 4 Hour March 28, 2022 Meeting to Vote on Gender Queer

2. YouTube video of Public Comments prior to vote

3. YouTube video of one Committee member's statement noting dissatisfaction with procedures

4. YouTube video of Dr. Kalia Reynolds’ explanation of committee procedures and recommendations

5. YouTube video of Superintendent Sokolowski explaining his change of opinion and final choice to retain Gender Queer in the WCASD’s high school libraries

6. Support 6:
YouTube video of school board members giving their personal opinions on retention and final vote

7. YouTube video of Public Comments at the end of the meeting

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Some pornographic images from Gender Queer


Support 2:

NINE-PAGE DETAILED CHRONOLOGY of the situation regarding Gender Queer in the WCASD


Support 3:

WCASD\'s indisputable \"STACKING\" of Review Committee which ensured retention of Gender Queer


Support 4:

Dr. Kalia Reynolds’ Explanations of Committee Procedures and Final Recommendation and Counterarguments by Opponents


Support 5:

One Committee Member\'s Statement Documenting Biases of Committee Procedures and Operations