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Submitted: 2022-12-18


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Our family dedicated 7 years of time, efforts and money to CWS and its community. We decided to remove our 3 children from the school after the 2021-2022 school year.

In October 2021 we accidentally found out that the CWS changed its direction from traditional Waldorf to the Waldorf with Woke flavor, or rather Woke with Waldorf flavor. During our subsequent investigation we learned that the Woke agenda is promoted by the AWSNA (Association of the Waldorf Schools of North America), the organization governing all Waldorf schools in USA, Canada and Mexico, and that Cedarwood School not only accepted the new direction, but enthusiastically acts on it.

When looking at the school's website people may get an impression that children are receiving a traditional Waldorf education. The website carefully selects words to avoid mentioning any non-Waldorf agenda, e.g. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ideology is briefly mentioned without getting into detail to avoid undesired attention. In reality though, the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice (DEIJ) Committee is the primary body defining the school's ideological direction, the Board of Trustees supports Woke, the Administration supports Woke, some Grade and Early Care teachers are Woke activists.

School has a faculty led and sponsored GSA (LGBTQ+) club. The club's members run indoctrinating presentation in all Grades starting the 5th Grade (Elementary School). Non-academic presentations are run during class time with kids not given an option to opt out. Parents are not informed about non-academic topics being taught during class time.

Here is an example of a presentation "about bullying" (attached). Notice that only 2 slides actually talk about bullying while the rest describe various non-traditional sexual orientations, instruct how to educate yourself and others, and how to promote LGBTQ+ agenda. The presentation provided a limited set of bright colorful flags to choose from, essentially encouraging children to pick one with the colors they like and have a new identity coming with it. After the presentation several 5th Grade students (10-11 year old children) chose their new identities - bisexual, lesbian, etc.

One graduate (2021-2022) told us that in his/her class only 2 students identified themselves as heterosexual while the rest of 20+ students (14-15 year old) chose one of the many non-traditional sexual orientations. The school and its GSA club success rate of ~90% children identifying as LGBTQ+ was much higher than ~7% nationwide. I realize that LGBTQ+ is a popular trend these days and most students will review their choice in the future, but I find it to be very inappropriate for the school, especially Waldorf school, to confuse and indoctrinate children with activist topics. It is not the school's role to brainwash and groom kids. The school was hired to teach HOW TO THINK, not WHAT TO THINK.

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