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School district pronoun day

Lower Merion School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-11-16


I am extremely disturbed by our school district dedicating the whole day, financial, emotional, organizational resources to celebrate a Pronoun Day which was commemorated today, November 15, 2022. It is terribly mind-boggling and down right divisive and borderline child abusive to allocate a whole day to such an issue which should not even be an issue. Why are we all being blinded and when is it regarded as something normal that people should and can have more pronouns than two? He or she and WHEN IT IS PLURAL, WE SAY THEY! Since when did abnormality changed its status to normalcy? Colorful flyers with cute emblems they/them, he/them (!!) etc. were floating around Black Rock Middle School today and the teachers smiled, pretended that it is an ordinary thing worthy of universal celebration to see a boy with gold painted nails and wearing ballet slippers as his school attire. When is it appropriate to explain to all other BOYS and GIRLS that they can chose to be called whatever they want completely disregarding all logic, biology, rules of the English language and simple common sense? The school district, which used to be one of the flagships of education, pioneering thought and academic advancement, became so woke and politically correct, now attempts to please and appease people who may need a different kind of attention. They push this agenda down the throats of our innocent and NORMAL boys and girls. My son was completely upset today. He is not the child who holds back words and he is very straightforward, but he shared with me today that he felt extremely uncomfortable "that all these kids and teachers try so hard to act normal," and they were making him pretend it was all perfectly acceptable. "It is an important day, we have to celebrate equality." One of the ways to lure the children into their mindset was the presence of "a very cool button making machine." That's what my son said. The vendors were invited to make these transgender signs AND they were selling them for fundraising!!! It's a double horror!! Not only has the school district stolen a whole day from the students and dedicated it to an issue which belongs to an entirely different kind of institution, but instead should be celebrating a science day, Einstein day, or History day. They also try super hard to make abnormality attractive! I have no words, so I am attaching "cute colorful" info from the "celebration."

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