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Gender Training For Elementary Teachers

West Chester Area School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-11-01


Results of a Right to Know Request revealed that in August 2022, teachers at Fern Hill Elementary School received training on incorporating gender education in K-5 classrooms. The training was conducted by Aneesah Smith, a self described social justice activist and LGBTQ activist. The RTK was filed is response to Fern Hill Principal Dr. Jenny Southmayd's Twitter post that celebrated the gender training. Noteworthy aspects of the training include:
- Use of the gender bear, a cartoon teddy bear used to discuss how genitalia does not always match gender preferences.
- Suggested gender themed lesson plans and picture books for children.
- Proper usage of trans inclusive pronouns in the classroom. According to the training, using he/she is "transphobic."
- One lesson assessment called for teachers to notice if students are behaving as LGBTQ allies.
- Teachers were asked to assess if and how they assess LGBTQ education in their elementary classrooms.
Attached below are the training materials, Dr Southmayd's Twitter post, and a Daily Caller article on the training.

Supporting Documents:

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Daily Caller Article


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Training Artifact 1


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Training Artifact 2


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Training Artifact 3


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Training Artifact 4


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Training Artifact 5


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Training Artifact 6


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Dr. Southmayd\'s Twitter post