Indoctrination in Your State & District

Bathroom incident

Lower Merion School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-10-19


Hello! I felt compelled to share this story with all of you as I strongly feel that it reflects our schools diminishing values and sense of decency.
My son who attends 8th grade in a middle school, went to use the bathroom during school hours. While he was on his way to wash his hands, a girl comes in. My son politely told her that "girls bathroom is that day." The girl responded: "no, I am a boy." It all may seem as a misunderstanding, if it were not so sad: my son had a few classes with this person when she WAS CALLING HERSELF A GIRL. I asked my son if he mentioned anything to his teachers, and he said: "Mom, they would not care anyway." This is very upsetting on many levels: indoctrination of our children goes so far that they feel it is normal and appropriate, as well as absolutely decent to change their birth genders, to take hormones to alter their bodies and to cross all lines of privacy by entering the most seemingly secure areas of public places. Another very disturbing factor in this "simple" story is that my son knows "they would not care." The desire to go out of the way to appease newly emerging ... Not sure.. Minorities, personalities?? Infringes and crushes down the respect and any sense of normalcy for the rest of regular children and adults.
Incidentally, I had a call from the school while I was writing this post. It was about something related to school work and computer use. However, I felt it was my responsibility as a parent to share this story with the teacher. I told her what happened and I asked her if, in light of this new trend of recognizing multiple genders, the school has "all gender" or "transgender" marked bathrooms. She said that they do and "I am not sure what exactly happened as your son did not tell me about it." I explained to her why ("they would not care.") I also told her how distorted and skewed must be the feelings of the majority of the children if my son is very upset and he was not alone in that. The teacher said nothing... She just said she would speak with the "team."
I personally feel very strongly about it as it creates a sense of unstable environment and lunacy standards where people can influence the youngsters to pursue their own agenda.
Last, but not least, and to affirm that the rest of us are still normal: I spoke with my patient today, who is a retired OB/GYN, and she told me that she delivered only boys and girls:) Interesting, right?