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Equity Director's E-Mail to Staff Connects Rittenhouse Verdict to Racism

West Chester Area School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-10-11


In the wake of the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict (November, 2021), Ms. Dawn Mader, the Director of Equity and Assessment (DEA) for the WCASD, sent an email to all staff that contained biased commentary and suggestions for discussing the Rittenhouse verdict in teachers’ classrooms. This partisan and politically-motivated Rittenhouse email to staff exposed and exemplifies the unacceptable, DEI-related, racially-divisive propagandizing which exists in the WCASD. When her racially-oriented email came to the attention of a district resident, the resident wrote to Ms. Mader, objecting to its distribution to staff and noting many pertinent facts that had been omitted in her email. This initiated a series of nine email communications involving the resident, Ms. Mader, the WCASD School Board, and Superintendent Sokolowski (who endorsed the email). The attached pdf file includes an introductory page followed by eighteen numbered pages that provide an unadulterated documentation of these communications in chronological order.

Ms. Mader's email to staff is on the first numbered page. One sentence in her email to staff cites the web site "Learning for Justice," stating: "Learning for Justice has numerous online resources to help support classroom discussions about race, social justice, and human rights." It should be noted that the "Learning for Justice" website is run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-Left organization. Learning for Justice contains a number of resources that are anti-law enforcement and sympathize with the BLM organization.

Everyone who is concerned about public school education today should read this egregious and indisputable example of racial indoctrination that is related to “Equity.” It will continue unless citizens who are concerned about the direction of our educational system speak out and push back against this Leftist brainwashing of our teachers and children.

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Clear-cut Example of Racial Indoctrination Related to Equity Initiatives in Pennsylvania’s West Chester Area School District (WCASD)