Indoctrination in Your State & District

Superintendent: Shutup or I'll call the police

Northern Cambria School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-10-08


Norther Cambria Elementary has added the Second Step program for K-6 grades. I was given 5 min to state my problems with Second Step and the Committee for Children organization. Hardly anyone from the board was paying attention. After this, no one from the public was allowed to talk. The guidance counselor and superintendent gave a positive rating to the Second Step program spitting out the usual rhetoric straight from their website. When I tried to rebut their information I was told I was no longer permitted to speak. The superintendent wasted no time telling me that if I continue to speak she would call the police. I guess now rural Pennsylvania has turned into Loudon county Virginia. Even the retired elementary principal who was seated beside me couldn't understand why no one from the public was allowed to speak.