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Investigating Haverford, PA schools district, where they fully support radical gender ideology

Haverford Township School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-09-29


This is a long video (almost 3 hours) that focuses on the Haverford School District in Delaware County, PA.

The Libertarian moderator (Karlyn Borysenko) obviously isn't from the district since she mispronounces its name, but the video is well-worth watching nonetheless since it is a valuable resource that contains a great deal of information (on CRT, gender ideology theory, etc.) that can be applied to districts throughout the country. She states: "Help me train 10,000 parents to find out what the schools are teaching."

A comment from a recent Haverford resident noted:
"I lived in the Haverford School District for six years, until November 2021. It's a left-wing stronghold: predominantly white, well-paid, Philadelphia suburbanites. After George Floyd died (Chauvin wasn't guilty), the school district went heavy on CRT. Parents then started pushing back, and there were some tense school board meetings. I attended two of them. Some parents ran for school board on the Republican ballot, but they lost easily. The area is so left-leaning, no one can win a local election as a Republican. And the incumbent Democrat school board members are well-entrenched with the Democrat establishment, so it's not possible to primary them either."

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