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WCASD School Board unanimously approves The Poet X (which contains numerous anti-Christian statements)

West Chester Area School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-09-29


In spite of the many legitimate concerns expressed at the August school board meeting by parents and taxpayers, the WCASD school board voted unanimously to approve The Poet X for use as core instructional material for their 9th grade ELA curriculum.

The following previous NLTE posts enumerate the objections to this book with numerous anti-Christian references.

The discussion of the procedure for selecting the book (given by Ms. Bailey, an ELA teacher in the District) and the vote thereafter begins at:

It is disturbing that Ms. Bailey, the administration and the school board all ignored the numerous and legitimate objections to the anti-Christian aspects of The Poet X in their discussion and subsequent vote. The LEAST they could have done was to justify choosing this book by explaining whatever value these impious statements had regarding the book's message, but this did not happen. Decide for yourself by listening to the video clip above.

Also, try reading the book on-line in the link provided in the Supporting Documents and ask yourself whether The Poet X is in any way comparable to works of great literature that SHOULD be assigned in these courses.

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Read The Poet X on line at this link...