Indoctrination in Your State & District

Would you be comfortable having this person as a teacher or administrator in your school district?

Haverford Township School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-07-14


Warning: After reading this post, you can decide for yourself whether or not you would be comfortable having Dr. Steven Quinn, the former Vice Principal of Haverford High School in Delaware County, involved with your children or grandchildren in ANY CAPACITY in ANY SCHOOL in the COUNTRY. The information provided below has been corroborated to be true by knowledgeable residents of the Haverford School District.

Dr. Steven Quinn posted extremely risqué pictures and also inappropriate comments on his Instagram account (woolydoc65) during his tenure as VP of HHS. These can be seen by clicking the link in the Supporting Documents below. Some of his Instagram followers were current students at HHS at that time. When these postings surfaced on Sunday April 3, 2022, the administration was contacted. Credible sources note that Dr. Quinn did not return to his position at HHS after that date. At the Haverford Township School District (HTSD) school board meeting on June 2, 2022, the HTSD “authorized the voluntary resignation and separation with employee #4158,” indicating that Dr. Quinn received a package from the district in spite of his lewd Instagram postings.

Although no allegations have been made or proven as to any inappropriate actions with students (with the exception of the Instagram pictures which were accessible to some students), some residents think that an investigation should have been undertaken to determine whether Quinn had participated in other types of “grooming” of students while at HHS. (Although such an investigation was certainly warranted and morally advisable, the HTSD did not pursue the issue, undoubtedly relieved to have him out of the district as soon as possible to avoid potential legal consequences.) When this situation was reported to the Haverford Township police they stated that they couldn't do anything unless children or parents of children who had been following his Instagram page made a complaint. Who knows how many other incidents in other schools are occurring and being ignored as this one is?

There is a legitimate concern that in the future Quinn could seek and obtain a position in another school district. Many individuals, such as concerned parents in the Take Back Our School organization in the Downingtown School District, have posted the pictures from Quinn’s Instagram page and have noted that this SITUATION NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED. The pictures from their post (in the Supporting Documents below) have been corroborated to be those on Quinn’s Instagram page. In addition to the pictures, there is a disturbing exchange between a commenter that said “So I can call you Daddy now?” to which Quinn responded “Anytime you want.”

Anyone with further information regarding this should contact the Haverford Township police.

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Pictures from Quinn\'s Instagram page as posted woolydoc65