Indoctrination in Your State & District

This teacher’s twitter video might seem to be from the Babylon Bee satire site but unfortunately, it’s not a joke.

Lower Merion School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-07-12


The following link shows a twitter video made by a Welsh Valley Middle School teacher in the upscale Lower Merion School District in the Philadelphia Main Line area. You can watch the video at the follow web site:

The teacher (Mx. Beaman) is a biological female who has decided that “they” are non-binary. “They” made the video to explain “their” gender identity preference to “their” special education middle school students. It has been corroborated to be legitimate.

CLARIFICATION: Anyone who is confused about using the plural (“their”) to refer to one person should know that this is the new language regarding pronouns that the LGBTQ community insists must be used. Those who don’t adhere to their wishes could be accused of “misgendering” which is akin to hate speech to many woke individuals and which, in certain instances, has resulted in various types of penalties. This corruption of the English language is obviously grammatically incorrect and extremely confusing for those who have always been taught that “they” refers to more than one person.

Below is the text from the various video slides:

1. “Ms. Beaman is now Mx. Beaman.”

2. “You know me as Ms. Beaman and I am still your teacher! But now I go by Mx. Beaman. It sounds like Mix Beaman.”

3. “Mix Beaman and he/they: In class instead of going Ms. Beaman you will say Mx. Beaman. And instead of saying she, you can say they or he when talking about me.”

4. “I am transgender and non-binary: I was born in the wrong body. Even though I was born a girl I feel more like a boy on the inside, but don’t truly feel like either.”

5. “I am still the same me.: It will take time and practice to remember to say Mx. Beaman but we will work through it together!”

6. “What is transgender?: Some people are born in the wrong body. Their body might not match what they feel on the inside. This is called transgender.”

7. “What is binary?: Some people don’t feel like a boy or a girl. They may feel like both or neither.”

8. “Nonbinary people sometimes go by Mx. Mr. is usually for men and Ms. or Mrs. is usually for women. Nonbinary people do not feel like men or women so they go by Mx. That is why I’m going by Mx. Beaman and not Mr. Beaman.”

“Mx” Beaman MIGHT (or MIGHT NOT) be a very caring and/or effective teacher. This post is not meant to demean “them” in any way. However, it is concerning that this information has been presented to vulnerable middle-school students, particularly those in special education. The requested pronouns are not only confusing but are corruptions of English grammar. This is just one disturbing example of the LGBTQ gender identity indoctrinations that are escalating and being inflicted on impressionable young students in our schools today.

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

URL of the twitter video shown to middle school students at Welsh Valley Middle School in Lower Merion School District