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LGBTQ club in Spreckel's Elementary School


Submitted: 2022-06-14


Good Afternoon,

I am a parent of two elementary students in San Diego Unified School District, Spreckel's Elementary. I have recently discovered that they have an LGBTQ club that children can attend. They don't call it the LGBTQ club, they hide it by calling it Pride Peeps. Well, they don't call it that anymore since I have been in conflict with them and forced them to change it.

I want to be notified if my kids show up to the club. It is held at lunch, there are two groups, 1-2nd graders and 3-5th graders. I have gone all the way from the principal to the district, to the board members during a 3-month campaign. They all said no. They refuse to notify parents if the kids show up. They cite a law saying that schools cannot out students to parents, and, they are not required to.

This is unsound logic since anyone can show up to the club, and by simply showing up does not determine how they identify. By simply notifying me if they showed up does not out them. I also want to be notified if they show up to the math and science club. I am not anti club by any mean.

To simply put, they want to keep secrets from parents. They want to establish a secret relationship with our children and hide it from us.

I have many documents, emails, and videos. But I'm at work now. Please see the video I have that is attached. This was my first school board meeting. They emailed me back the next day denying my request.

On June 21st, I will be going back to the school board a second time where I will be more forceful. Please help me. I want to help you any way I can. I want to be an asset to this team so please let me know how I can help our efforts.

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