Indoctrination in Your State & District

Great Valley parents and taxpayers are attempting to uncover what EXACTLY the GVSD is hiding from parents regarding students' gender identities…

Great Valley School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-06-05


Numerous parents and residents in the GVSD have been concerned for many months regarding the district’s “Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Policy."

It has been discovered that it is GV’s policy to hide information from parents about their children who want to be called by a different name and pronoun in school. (See the link to the article in the Supporting Documents below: “They won’t let us tell the parents’ — Whistleblower teacher on Great Valley Schools’ transgender policy.”)

It has also been discovered that guidance counselors at the middle school (MS) were having SECRET meetings with MS students who showed some interest in transgender or gender non-conforming issues. These meetings were called “Safe Space Groups” and were overseen by MS guidance counselors. After these meetings, the counselor would send out messages to the teachers noting what name and pronoun they should use for the student and in some cases even told them to hide this information from the parents.

RTK REQUEST: A resident filed a Right to Know request in March of 2022, asking for all communications from guidance counselors to the teachers in both the middle and high schools over the last 2 years:
(1) in which teachers were instructed as to name and pronoun changes, and also
(2) in which teachers were told to hide this information from parents.

DISTRICT RESPONSE: The District denied the RTK requests, stating that it is protected information in the students’ records.

APPEAL: The requestor appealed this denial and after two months a “compromise” was reached in which the district provided the NUMBER of such emails BUT NOT THE ACTUAL EMAILS. They also only provided 6 months of emails, stating that all emails are deleted after 6 months.

High School: There was only 1 such email and that one did not instruct the teachers to hide the information.
Middle School: There were 21 such emails, 3 of which instructed teachers to hide the information from the parents.

1. These are very high numbers for the middle school, particularly since the time period was only 6 months. Is this because students are being “groomed” in the secret Safe Space Groups?
2. Why are numbers so low in the HS when they are so high in the MS?
3. What other information was in emails outside the 6 months time period of emails provided in the RTK (a relatively short period)?
4. If GVSD is brazenly hiding information from some parents, one has to wonder what else are they hiding or lying about. If they deceive parents about this, how can we trust them with our children and how can we believe anything they say?
5. There is no question that GV parents should be very concerned about their children when they are under the care of the GVSD.

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Newspaper article: "They won’t let us tell the parents" — Whistleblower teacher on Great Valley Schools’ transgender policy