Indoctrination in Your State & District

Outside mental health counselors in school

Oconee County School District, South Carolina

Submitted: 2022-05-20


I found out that my child was offered an outside mental health counselor at HS. That counselor never reached out to me to discuss anything or help me understand what was going on with my teen, who was still a minor at 16!! How do I help my family if I’m not privy to that information. Livid is not the word! I was assumed to be a deadbeat parent, despite being involved at every chance I had. This counselor even called DSS on me because of noticing a small round pencil size bruise on my teens arm. Did they wait to see if this was a reoccurring situation with more injuries, poor hygiene or past abusive history, NO! I am not an abuser and my case was determined unfounded by DSS but that entire situation put a lot of strain on our family and our relationships while we were trying to understand our teenagers thoughts. I was not allowed to know anything or even stop the in-school meetings with that counselor. Turns out my teen is transgender. Once this information was out, the faculty did not treat him well at all. He was bullied and told by admin that he was not a boy and would not be called such. Parents who want to be involved, should be included. I totally understand that children are abused but you must be very diligent in gathering evidence against a parent before you throw a wrench in their lives. I needed to know the feelings my teen was having so I could address it before anything serious happened. Suicide risk is very high with certain students and we had to deal with this also.
I would NEVER have thought that while my child was a minor that I’d have no control of what the school does. It is not acceptable
It’s doing not know if CRT was taught, I’d have to ask my now 21 year old. Schools must have transparency and accountability.